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Phone/address book. Uses modem to dial out for voice communications.
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Phone/address book. Uses modem to dial out for voice communications.
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There are many times I would be working on my computer and wish to make a
call to a friend of mine. I usually don't keep my address book around my
system. @#$%&! How frustrating it is to go downstairs to grab the book.
Now, I just created a "Rolodex-type" file system which will take care of
all my needs.


Extremely user-friendly
Super 3-D color graphic effects
Up to 99 names (cards) ...Later, more.
Place a call via modem (one of two numbers)
Flag particular names to print, either in list or envelope form
Create many other databases
Search function
State checker


SIR! [filename]

Default filename = PERSONAL.DTA
You may automatically load a different filename (excluding extension), that
has been already created by SIR!.


[Alt-A] To add names (cards) to the existing workfile.

Note: Place last name first, followed by a comma and then last
first name.

Enter a blank in the NAME field when fisnished.

SIR! will search for proper state (if any)

[Alt-C] Call one of two numbers displayed on the active card.

Use the arrow keys to select the telephone number you wish.

Note: Make sure that you configure your communication port at the
beginning of each creation of a workfile ([Alt-V]).

[Alt-D] Delete active card from the database.

[Alt-F] Flag cards to be printed later. Acts like a toggle switch.

[Alt-L] Load a new workfile into memory already created by SIR!.

Note: Type in the filename excluding extension.

[Alt-M] Modify active card.

Note: If you erase the name, SIR! will not accept it. Use [Alt-D]
if you wish to delete the card.

[Alt-N] To create a new workfile.

Note: Type in the new filename excluding extension.

[Alt-P] Print Envelopes or Listings

Envelopes: Prints envelope off of the active card. Tab set at 20.
Prints first name and last name. Don't worry how it
appears on the card. Although, make sure that a comma
seperates the last name from the first.

Listing: Either flagged names or whole listing.
One or two columns
Sorted by different fields and printed.

[Alt-S] Do a search routine. Case insensitive.

Note: Only NAMES are serached. Use /W after the $tring for whole

[Alt-V] Change communication parameters.

Note: Delault= COM1:, Tone.
If it is different, make sure you change it each time you create
a new workfile. It is not necessary to change each time you run

[Alt-X] Exits SIR! Closes workfile and returns to DOS.

[Alt-Z] DOS Shell.

Note: Temporarily halts SIR! and places you into DOS. Type "EXIT"
at the DOS prompt to return to SIR!

If you seem to have any problems using SIR!, leave E-MAIL for Mark Geer via
Exec-PC in Milwaukee (414) 964-5160 or call (414) 961-2004 after 6pm (CST)

Thanx, Mark

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