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The Movie Guide version 3.0 motion picture database. Part 1 of 2.
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The Movie Guide version 3.0 motion picture database. Part 1 of 2.
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Contents of the README.DOC file


Enter 'MOVIE' to begin program.

With the complexity of Hollywood, 90 million to make Terminator 2, movies
are getting more complex everyday, how can you keep track of all of this?
I now have a camcorder, movies, TV shows and training films, what do I
need to easily track this? Remember... it must be FUN and POWERFUL.

This is where Movie Guide can help. Movie Guide will catalog your movies,
show pictures and play music. Movie Guide automagically displays movie
history of the stars. This is where Movie Guide really shines. We
believe you must go all out with the presentation of your movies.
This is why our 'Actor Data Base' exists. It allows you to leisurely
roam around you data, by scrolling thru actors and directors.
Of course if any stars have pictures or songs associated with them,
you can instantly show a picture or play music.

If you only want to track PCX / ROL / FLI / ROL and text files, then
jump right to Multimedia Search and let Movie Guide search and
catalog your drives. Now jump right to 'Actor Data Base', Have Fun!

Yes, We Get Questions,
Q: How do I know if I installed Movie Guide correctly?

A: Movie Guide does not require a great amount of installation.
Make sure all the program files are in the same directory.
This means all files except Movie Files and Multimedia Files.
These can be anywhere you want them. Just select the proper
directory from 'Select Data Files'. Movie Guide will track
the last 10 files opened for each set. If you still have
problems with missing files, either contact the source where you
received Movie Guide or we will send a shareware copy for $10.00.

Q: I paid 8 dollars to a vendor for your program, why do I still
have to pay you for the program?

A: The vendor you received the program from is NOT selling the program!
They are only providing a service to copy and send you the
shareware copy. We do not receive ANY money from the vendors for
this service. The only way to receive a registered copy is
to return the registration form to us, or if you want to pay
by credit card then call PsL (Public Software Library) at
800-2424-PSL or (1-713-524-6394). Note: The 800 number is
for placing orders only.

Q: I have a portable computer and many screens are hard to read?

A: Movie Guide tries to detect the monitor type. In some cases it
assumes you have color when you don't. Select 'Settings' and
override and select 'Monochrome' instead of 'Autodetect'.

Q: I noticed you seem to favor PCX pictures, Why?

A: Thanks to ZSOFT, the PCX format has become a standard. They
released this format into the Public Domain. This allows
programmers like ourselves base entire graphic systems
around this format, and they don't even need to be recognized.
By the way, have you seen the new PC Paintbrush by ZSOFT?

Q: I have a Sound Blaster, when are you going to support voices.

A: I heard rumors a while ago about a Turbo Pascal programmers kit.
If it is now available, then soon.

- Enjoy -

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