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Logitech Mouse file for use with QFiler.
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Logitech Mouse file for use with QFiler.
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Contents of the QF-MOUSE.DOC file

Logitech Mouse Menu

by Ken Goldman
24 August 1988

I will not be liable for any damages, including lost profits, lost savings or
other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of or
inability to use QFILER.DEF or QFILER.MNU, even if I have been advised of the
possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any other party.


The file QF-MOUSE.ARC should contain:

QF-MOUSE.DOC This file.
QFILER.DEF The non-compiled definition file for the menu.
QFILER.MNU The compiled menu file.

I use QFILER quite a bit as I find its two screen format makes for both a handy
DOS Shell and also for an ARC/deARC shell. After purchasing my Logitech C-7
mouse I started to work on this menu for my own use. Now that I have finished
it I have decided to share it with whoever may be interested. I designed this
menu to work with QFILER 3.1Ba, and it may not be totally compatible with
earlier versions. Jamestown Software, the authors of QFILER have no connection
at all with this menu and are probably not aware of its existence.


If you have downloaded these files, that means that you probably have a
Logitech mouse and the manual that goes with it. Therefore I won't go into
how to load the menu. I have included the definition file so that you can
change the menus around if you wish. I have the colors set to a cyan
background, black foreground and red highlighting. If you prefer other
colors, just change them (see your mouse manual on how this is done).

Once the menu is loaded, click the two outer buttons (or LRB) to see the Main
Menu. From there it should be pretty self-explanatory. To see how the mouse
buttons and chords are assigned click on Mouse Setup in the Main Menu. This
will bring up a display only menu that tells you what the mouse functions are,
you cannot click on any of these items. I have tried to design the menu so that
your hand can stay on the mouse as much as possible and is not constantly going
back and forth to the keyboard.


I will supply support commensurate with the price you paid for this menu (ie
zero equals zero), but I would be glad to receive comments and suggestions,
both positive and negative, from anyone who may be using it. I can usually
be reached on the following BBSs:

MSG-RBBS David Taylor Research Center 301 227 1042
CPCUG MIX 301 738 9060 (CPCUG members
Both operating at 2400,8,N,1

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