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A dbase clone that is pop-up'able. TSR.
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A dbase clone that is pop-up’able. TSR.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADDREC.FRB 1544 684 deflated
DELPROC.FRB 520 179 deflated
DELREC.FRB 3592 1130 deflated
DLITE.1 256 107 deflated
DLITE.CFG 256 163 deflated
DLITE.DOC 54213 15291 deflated
DLITE.EXE 115311 67743 deflated
DLITE.FRB 7688 2206 deflated
EDITREC.FRB 3080 1036 deflated
ERROR.FRB 520 175 deflated
FR_INI.FRB 4104 1596 deflated
FULLNAME.NDX 1024 498 deflated
IDCODE.NDX 1024 491 deflated
INTERACT.FRB 520 225 deflated
MAILLIST.CFG 128 80 deflated
MAILLIST.DBF 1536 479 deflated
MAILLIST.FMT 1792 521 deflated
MAILLIST.INI 128 52 deflated
MAILLIST.OUT 128 83 deflated
MAILLIST.PST 256 144 deflated
OUTPUT.FRB 2568 772 deflated
PASTEREC.FRB 4104 1185 deflated
PICKFILE.FRB 2568 802 deflated
PRINT.FRB 1544 557 deflated
README.DOC 1536 787 deflated
SELREC.FRB 1544 586 deflated
UNDELREC.FRB 3592 1133 deflated
UTIL.FRB 3080 1010 deflated
ZIP.NDX 1024 493 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

We are pleased to introduce a unique, new ShareWare data base, dLITE. It brings
"pop-up" dBASE Power to the desktop by giving you instant access to 10 dBASE-
compatible data base applications from within your favorite foreground program!

Many popular dBASE file management functions are supported as well as a unique
"cut-and-paste" option to extract data from any dBASE data base into virtually
any text-based, foreground application. Three sample applications are included:
a full-featured mailing list manager, a Congressional directory, and a 3-year
index to PC Magazine articles.

End-users are licensed to use dLITE up to 90 days to determine whether it meets
their needs. After 90 days, end-users must discontinue using the ShareWare copy
and (1) destroy the software, (2) give it to a non-related friend, or (3) pay
the required $25 license fee. Those who include a shipping and handling fee of
$5 (in U.S) or $10 (foreign) will receive the Developer's Version and softbound
dLITE Developer's Guide by return mail at no additional cost.

ShareWare distributors are licensed to distribute dLITE to end-users subject to
the following conditions. dLITE must be distributed on a single floppy in the
form received. A copying fee not to exceed $10 may be charged so long as the
end-user is informed that this fee neither enriches nor otherwise constitutes
payment of the required licensing fee to the developer, Ward Mundy Software.

ee neither enriches nor otherwise constitutes
payment of the required

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