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Gradebook for teachers, designed by a teacher.
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Gradebook for teachers, designed by a teacher.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Computerized GradeBook
============ =========
(C) Copyright 1984 Portions (C) Copyright
Bryon K. Ehlmann Microsoft Inc., 1982-85
All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

The Computerized GradeBook is a software product designed to help
teachers record, analyze, compute, and report grades. I developed and
fine-tuned it over a number of years while also working as a computer
science professor and as a software engineer for a large computer
company. I believe it is a quality product that can be of great
benefit to you and your colleagues.

You are granted use of the Computerized GradeBook under the terms of a
license. This license requests that you register as a user and make a
voluntary contribution if you are able to use the product productively.
A contribution of any size will be appreciated.

To use the Computerized GradeBook, ensure that all CGB*.* files are
accessible on the current drive or directory and enter the command
CGB. You can display or print the User's Guide by selecting choice
"A" when the Main Menu is displayed. The Computerized Gradebook comes
with some sample data already entered into the gradebook. This allows
you to conveniently discover its features by "playing" with it.

I hope the Computerized GradeBook will make your job as a teacher
more effective and a bit easier.

Bryon K. Ehlmann

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