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Resident Task Manager version 2.1 a very nice todo list manager with many options and an audit trail. Optionally TSR in 6K.
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Resident Task Manager version 2.1 a very nice todo list manager with many options and an audit trail. Optionally TSR in 6K.
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Contents of the README file


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WARNING <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Users of RTM 1.00 -> 1.02 must run the new RTMCONVT Program to convert
the Task File to a new format to support the memo entry / wordwrap
feature in the attached descriptions. The file length remains unchanged
and is still compatible with CALRPT/TRV.

Format is: C:>RTMCONVT filename.ext

Input File will be Renamed to filename.BAK;
Output created as filename.DAT

Changes not in RTM.DOC


Getting Started

The Resident-TaskManager Distribution Disk contains the following files:

RTM.EXE - The Resident-TaskManager program
RTM.DAT - A Short Help File in Resident-TaskManager Format
RTM.DOC - This file
RTMCONVT.EXE - A Conversion Program to convert RTM 1.x files to
2.0 format.
RTMINST.EXE - An installation program
README - Changes or important information not included in
the printed documentation (RTM.DOC).
REGISTER.BAT - A BATch file to print out the registration form
to your printer (LPT1)
REGFORM.DOC - The actual Registration Form
PRINTDOC.BAT - A BATch file to print out this documentation
file to your printer (LPT1)
VENDOR.DOC - Instructions to Disk Vendors who wish to
distribute Resident-TaskManager.

Copy these files onto your disk into whatever directory you wish. Then,
consider how you want to run Resident-TaskManager and set your options
with the install program.

Note: Once RTM has been installed you only need RTM.EXE and your Task
File (filename.DAT) on your disk.

Using The Install Program

To run RTMINST, simply type: C:>RTMINST

RTMINST will look in the current directory for RTM.EXE. If it's not
there, RTMINST will search your currently defined path. If that fails as
well, RTMINST will end with an error message.

RTMINST presents a data-entry screen showing the name of each
configurable option and it's current value. Use the cursor keys to
scroll through that screen, setting the defaults as you wish. Use the
key at any time for a Pop-Up Help box for the current field.

Command Line Options

The ability to change a few options from the command line, as you
load Resident-TaskManager is provided. These options are those most
likely to change on a temporary basis (where you wouldn't want the
burden of re-running the installation program).

Typing RTM /? will give a list of the command line options.

Usage: RTM [Options]

Options: (Space is required between /O and Parameter)

/D {Disk SWAPing TSR} Specify D:\Path in RTM Install
/E {EMS SWAPing TSR} If insufficient EMS Defaults to /D
/F filename {Task File } Default=RTM.DAT
/H | /? {This HELP Screen}
/L {Load Quiet } Default=Load & Execute
/N {Normal Load } *Default unless RTM Installed
/U {Unload } Remove RTM From memory

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