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Allows you to create output files for Meal Master.
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Allows you to create output files for Meal Master.
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Contents of the MEALER.DOC file

Mealer 1.00 is a public domain program.

Kevin Morwood and Eric Decker the owners of the copyright
hereby give this version to the public. This file may be freely
distributed, as long as no money is charged for it's usage, except
that the limitations set out herein do apply.

Why Mealer?

This program is for entering recipes to produce a Meal Master 6.30
compatible output. It's a simple program so it doesn't have word wrap,
spell checking or block movements! Macros in the form of the cursor
keys are supported ...... haha!

Now the exceptions and such

Seriously ... this little program lives for one purpose only and
that's to relieve you the user from the strictures of MM format
and / or the strictures of the built-in editor of MealMaster. If
Episoft wants to include this software with MealMaster .... we
can be bought, other wise it may NOT be distributed with any
Meal Master files, ie. Episoft may not use it it any way, shape or
form or benefit from it in any way, shape or form without explicit
written permission from Eric Decker and Kevin Morwood.

We make no claims that this software is foolproof which is why
we tossed the coin to see what we'd charge. I took heads, Kevin took
tails. We both lost ..... which is the true reason for it being free.

Enough for the legal smeagles .... here's what and how:

Type "mealer" and you are presented with a screen with a cursor
flashing at the top left corner. Being a Meal Master user you
have already recognized these fields so you're off to the races.

Enter your text, press tab to jump to the next field, INSERT on or
off as you desire, use the up, down, across, cursor keys for moving
to and fro or backwards. When done entering ingredients press F10 and
enter the instructions. You will notice you must press ENTER to get t
to the next line ( no word wrap, remember? ) When done with this press
F10 to export the text to an ASCII text file with the default name
( Mealer does the naming automatically ) of Mealer.out which is directly
importable into Meal Master. If you reboot Mealer in a new session, it
will recognize the existing mealer.out and puts on the screen:

There is already a Mealer output file in this directory.
Shall I delete it? (Yes/No/Abort)

Abort "ends" the new session
Yes "deletes" the existing file
No "appends" to the existing file.

I, Eric Decker on behalf of us both, Kevin and I, am reachable via:

Nanet: General
Internet: [email protected]

Live long and prosper.

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