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Info on all rates to mail packages/letters by US Mail.
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Info on all rates to mail packages/letters by US Mail.
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Contents of the README file

- Last Minute Info -

Thank you for using the U.S. Mail on Disk Software Program Shareware Version.

To print out any of the .DOC or .TXT files, simply type in:

PRINT [] and press enter.
Refer to your DOS Manual if you get stuck.

Please remember to read your License agreement and send back the Questionnaire.
To fill out the questionnaire, send the file to your printer and then
complete and return it to us. Your answers will assist us in determining what
modifications should or could be made for future revisions. Thanks for your
time in completing it. Use your arrow keys to select a menu option, then press
enter to select. Or, you can press the first letter of the option to select it.

Remember this is the Shareware version, we encourage the distribution of this
software with the one exception. All files provided to you must also be given
to the receiver in its original form. The registered version may not be
distributed without the prior consent of Madden Software Service.

Steve Madden

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