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A UPS rate package written in Dbase. Includes dBase source code.
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A UPS rate package written in Dbase. Includes dBase source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADDRESS.DBF 492 221 deflated
ADDRESS.FMT 773 277 deflated
ADDRESS.SCR 1370 387 deflated
A_ZONE.PRG 7192 922 deflated
G_ZONE.PRG 7008 786 deflated
LABELS.PRG 2456 936 deflated
LETTER.PRG 411 198 deflated
ORDER.FRM 1479 438 deflated
RATES.PRG 3106 734 deflated
UPS.DOC 1146 687 deflated
UPS.PRG 7748 1902 deflated
ZIP.PRG 296 120 deflated
ZONE12.DBF 1024 256 deflated
ZONE14.DBF 1024 270 deflated
ZONE15.DBF 1024 251 deflated
ZONE16.DBF 1024 262 deflated
ZONE2.DBF 588 308 deflated
ZONE22.DBF 1024 257 deflated
ZONE24.DBF 1024 263 deflated
ZONE25.DBF 1024 264 deflated
ZONE3.DBF 1024 321 deflated
ZONE4.DBF 658 315 deflated
ZONE5.DBF 1024 325 deflated
ZONE6.DBF 1024 331 deflated
ZONE7.DBF 1024 318 deflated
ZONE8.DBF 1024 324 deflated

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Contents of the UPS.DOC file

Thank you for trying THE UPS RATE MASTER 2.0 by MASTERWARE (C)1988 John G.
Kacmarcik (Requires dBASE III+) This program is SHAREWARE and if you find it
useful (and want the customized Zip Code To UPS Zone module), please see the
ORDER.FRM for purchasing details. This version also has an Address
database/Label maker program for printing labels that eliminate the need to
stamp the package and write in the weight. To install the program, create a
directory under your dBASE directory called UPS (or whatever you choose), go to
that directory when in dBASE III+ (!CD UPS) and then type, DO UPS and your off
and running! The program is pretty self explanatory but if you have any trouble
or questions, feel free to call me at 215-437-9668. If I'm not in just leave a
message and I will call you back as quick as possible. When the rates go up in
a couple of years, this version lets you type them in yourself or you can send
your original registered disk and $5.00 to MASTERWARE, 1067 Catasauqua Avenue,
Allentown, PA 18102 and I will do it for you. Thank you for your anticipated
support of ShareWare products.


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