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Shows what's new in the Programmer's Corner CATALOG.LST file.
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Category Databases and related files
Shows what’s new in the Programmer’s Corner CATALOG.LST file.
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Contents of the TPCNEW.DOC file



As we all know, the ALLFILES.LST and CATALOG.LST files from The
Programmer's Corner BBS have grown to monster size (almost
20,000 entries). What a great board!

The size of the CATALOG.LST file created a couple of problems
for me. First I had to replace my 2400 bps modem with a 14,400
bps modem because the 1 hour limit was not enough time to
download the file. The second problem was there was no easy way
to determine what was new in the CATALOG.LST file. TPCNEW
answers the "what's new" need.

Program Description:

The TPCNEW.EXE program reads the CATALOG.LST file from The
Programmer's Corner BBS and writes a new file named TPCNEW.LST.
The TPCNEW.LST file contains section titles and file description
entries with dates that are no more than about 3 months older
than the file date of the CATALOG.LST file.

Program Usage:

(InFile) (OutFile)
TPCNEW [path\]catalog.lst [path\]tpcnew.lst

The TPCNEW.ZIP file contains:

TPCNEW.PAS The Borland Pascal Version 7.0 source code
TPCNEW.EXE The executable
TPCNEW.DOC This file

You are free to use this program and its source as you see fit
for your own non commercial use. I hope you find it useful.

George L. Walker
Columbia, MD
April 1993

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