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Charts Unlimited does just about any Chart or graph (Shareware).
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Charts Unlimited does just about any Chart or graph (Shareware).
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CIRCUIT.CU 4357 1179 deflated
COMBINE.CU 15452 4512 deflated
CU.DOC 38046 9260 deflated
CU.EXE 93056 22697 deflated
CU.PIC 16392 1362 deflated
CU.SYM 2048 900 deflated
DRIVERS.EXE 2560 678 deflated
EMPTY.OBJ 8513 25 deflated
FLORPLAN.CU 3859 1403 deflated
FLOWCHAR.CU 2459 810 deflated
GRAPH.CU 1337 276 deflated
HELP.HLP 16251 5189 deflated
HOUSE.CU 1696 687 deflated
OBJECTS.HLP 712 462 deflated
ORGCHART.CU 1517 537 deflated
PRINT.BUF 18783 5882 deflated
READ.ME 403 247 deflated
SYMBOLS.HLP 1001 361 deflated
USER.OBJ 8513 25 deflated
USER.SYM 2048 900 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

CHARTS UNLIMITED will run on an IBM XT/AT/PS or compatible computer
with a minimum of 256K of memory. It requires a CGA/EGA/VGA grahics
or Hercules Graphics graphics adapter card.

If you have a CGA/EGA/VGA grahics adapter type the following:


If you have a Hercules Graphics card type:


You can print the manual by typing:


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