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ReadRef, User-configurable on-line.
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ReadRef, User-configurable on-line.
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RRCONFIG.EXE 30144 14582 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Association of P. O. Box 898
Shareware Greenbelt, MD 20770
o Professionals (301)552-7234
(CIS 73240,342)


An On-Line Reference

Copyright 1988 W.G. Madison and Associates, Ltd.
All rights reserved.

All too frequently, if you are like me, you will be sitting at
your computer and want a quick piece of information. You have to
break your train of thought, find the book or document containing
the information you require, look it up, and then go back to the
computer and pick up where you left off. Even if you have
SideKick or SCOUT installed, it can be a nuisance getting at the
information you require (assuming it's somewhere on your hard

And most of the time (again, if you are like me) the information
you need amounts to only a few lines of text which could readily
be identified by a keyword.


ReadyRef is a program which can be installed as a resident
program (TSR) or can be run in non-resident mode, runnable from
the DOS prompt. It provides a suite of up to 14 options. Three of
these, an ASCII table, a calendar, and a date calculator, are
fixed. The remaining eleven (one of which is pre-installed, and
provides a summary of DOS commands) are completely under user
control. All that you need to do to install your own option is to
build a data file according to a few easy rules, and then run a
simple configuration/installation program.

ReadyRef even has the ability to optionally perform direct access
retrieval on your text files when doing a keyword search, thus
effectively removing any feasibility limits on the length of a
text file.



The files contained in the distribution set are:

RR.EXE The executable ReadyRef file
RR.OVR and its overlay file.
RRCONFIG.EXE The configuration program for ReadyRef,
which allows you to change the "hot key"
assignment (i.e., the key combination
used to activate ReadyRef when it has
been installed as a resident applica-
tion), to select a color set to be used
for the displays, and to configure your
RRINDEX.EXE The text file indexing program for
ReadyRef. Processing long text files
with RRINDEX will permit direct access
of the file in keyword searching.
READ.ME This file
READYREF.UPD The revision/update history of ReadyRef.
READYREF.DOC The documentation file for ReadyRef.
Contains complete installation and oper-
ating information, plus registration
information and forms.
DOSCMD.SUM A text file summarizing commonly used
DOS commands, used by the pre-installed
"DOS commands" option.
AREACODE.SUM A summary of telephone area codes by
area code and state, suitable for
installation as a ReadyRef option.
FONEBOOK.TXT A specimen ReadyRef-compatible phone
POSTAGE.SUM A summary of U.S. domestic postal rates,
suitable for installation as a ReadyRef
RR.CFG A configuration file which installs
POSTAGE.SUM (in addition to DOSCMD.SUM).
ZAP.CFG A configuration file which de-installs
all user-definable options with the
exception of "DOS commands".


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