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VINO:FILE Cellar Master manages your wine cellar and tasting notes.
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VINO:FILE Cellar Master manages your wine cellar and tasting notes.
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Contents of the VENDOR.DOC file

V I N O : F I L E
Cellar Master

A Wine Cellar Management System
By Mark Christian

Version 2.15

VINO:FILE Cellar Master Copyright Mark Christian 1990
All Rights Reserved.

VINO:FILE Cellar Master is SHAREWARE. It is a copyrighted work,
is most definitely NOT public domain, and NOT free software.

This file provides information for Shareware Distributors, Disk
Vendors and BBS sysops who wish to distribute the VINO:FILE
Cellar Master package.


On all BBS systems VINO:FILE should be distributed as a compressed
archive file. The PKZIP format is preferred but not obligatory.

File Name to be used: VINOFILE.ZIP OR VINO215.ZIP

Where filenames are limited to 6 characters the preferred name is
VINOFL.ZIP. If the supplied .ZIP file is converted into any other
compressed format ALL of the original files must be present and the
standard extension for that compression method ( .ARC, .LZH etc)
should be used.

Only the Shareware version of VINO:FILE may be loaded on BBS
systems. The VINOREAD.ME file includes a list of the files
included in the shareware version - no other files may be


Anyone distributing VINO:FILE Cellar Master for any kind of
remuneration or fee must first contact the author at the address
below for written authorization. This authorization will be granted
automatically to distributors recognized by the Association of
Shareware Professionals (ASP) as adhering to its guidelines for
shareware distributors, and such organizations may start
distributing the program immediately pending written notification
of authorization.

No person, company or organization may charge more than US$10 for a
shareware copy of VINO:FILE Cellar Master.


Food / Wine Programs; Home Use Applications; Database Applications;
Miscellaneous Applications (in decreasing order of preference).


Wine Cellar Management Database System.




VINO:FILE Cellar Master manages your wine cellar and tasting
notes on IBM computers (& compatibles). Analyze your cellar - by
variety, year, origin, peak drinking period, location - identify
future purchases, print reports. Maintain inventory of your
collection, locate wines, enter tasting notes using windows and
pull down menus. Includes a neat Cross Reference facility, help
screens, on-disk manual (over 100 pages!) and sample files.
Version 2.15 adds Import/Export, Un-delete, Printing enhancements
and fixes bugs that caused freezes and database corruption.
Shareware [ASP Member]


* an IBM (or compatible) PC with DOS
* a 3.5" or 5.25" floppy diskette drive
* at least 256 Kb of RAM memory
* monochrome, CGA, EGA or VGA monitor

For optimum use of VINO:FILE it is desirable to have

* a hard disk drive
* 640 Kb of RAM memory


Registration is $25 plus postage and handling.

Registration form can be printed when exiting VINO:FILE
and is included with the package as VINOFILE.REG.

Mark Christian,
Member Association of Shareware Professionals,
CIS ID [70032,117]

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