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Personal Training Diary - Sports/Fitness diary for the endurance athlete. Disk 1 of 3.

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Personalized Training Diary (PTD) 2.21 -
$49.95. A Sports/Fitness Diary for the endu
rance athlete. Besides tracking the basics
like distance, time, pulse rates, users can
define up to 10 categories like weather,
route, equipment, and up to 20 attributes
under each like hot, humid, cool under
weather. Improved easy to load defaults and
screen colors. Now comes with basic reports.
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Personal Training Diary – Sports/Fitness diary for the endurance athlete. Disk 1 of 3.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ATT.BGI 6332 4395 deflated
CGA.BGI 6332 4385 deflated
DEFTS.INF 6049 1012 deflated
EGAVGA.BGI 5554 4022 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 450 305 deflated
GRAPHPTR.SET 1122 290 deflated
HERC.BGI 6204 4369 deflated
IBM8514.BGI 6665 3434 deflated
LCD.SET 164 57 deflated
LITT.CHR 2138 955 deflated
LOG.EXE 335408 141748 deflated
ORDER.FRM 2187 603 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 1051 600 deflated
SET_UP.EXE 169543 167177 deflated
VENDOR.DOC 3557 1232 deflated

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Contents of the REGISTER.TXT file

Lake fFfips Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 8904
New Haven, CT. 06532-8904

Personalized Training Diary - Trial Ver. 2.21 is
(c) copyright 1992-1993 Lake fFfips Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
It may be distributed freely in its entirety and
used for the purposes of a 30 day evaluation.

Registration is $49.95. CT residents include sales tax.

Registered owners receive a printed manual, software (with registration and
trial information removed), and support via CompuServe, phone or mail. They
will also receive discounts on upgrades and future products. When ordering
specify 3.5" or 5.25", double or high density disks. You can register
toll free 1-800-892-8391 with your MasterCard or Visa.

Lake fFfips Software is interested in developing software that enhances our
understanding of how various factors effect our physical, emotional, and
intellectual performances. Lake fFfips Software welcomes your comments
and suggestions. Thank you for your support.

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