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Calendar and Note Planner.
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Calendar and Note Planner.
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The Plan Personal day-timer for the IBM Personal Computer

If you find this program useful, a $25 contribution would
be greatly appreciated. Any contribution is strictly voluntary
on your part. You are encouraged to copy and share this program
with others.

Author:Phil Bair
1975 S. Xenon St.
Denver, Colorado 80228

The Plan is a very helpful calendar/appointmentprogram.
To use the program, just place the disk in a drive and type
PLAN if you have a color display or type PLANMON if you have
a monochrome display. The program is very self-explanitory.
When you are being asked a question which requires a response
from you, enter the required response or key \ and press ENTER
to back out of that question. The time of appointment can be
anything that you wish to place in there. It will be sorted. A
suggested format for appt time is "07:00 am" for 7 in the morning
and "7.00 pm" for 7 in the evening. Do not key the quote marks.
Appointments are kept on file on the disk in the default drive and
their names are simply the dates that they are for in MMDDYYYY
format. You can copy these and rename them with DOS if you wish.

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