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MS Access. Security wizard.
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MS Access. Security wizard.
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Microsoft Access Security Wizard Version 1.0a README File
May 19, 1993
By Tim O'Brien

This version fixes two problems with version 1.0

This new version has been modified to be compatible with the Database Analyzer.
MDB's no longer have to have at least one of each object.

You can distribute this Wizard freely as long as it has not been modified and
this readme.txt file is included.

Security Wizard Installation Instructions

The Security Wizard enables you to add the correct permissions
to the mdb file or database, so it can not be modified.
The wizard only implements basic security it will also not work correctly
if you have groups that start with the letters 'A' 'G' or 'U'.
Other than Admin, Users and Groups.

To load the Security Wizard:

1 Copy the secureit.mda into your Access Directory

2 Using Microsoft Windows Notepad or another text editor, open
MSACCESS.INI (in your WINDOWS directory), and add the following
line under [Libraries]:


Go to the end of the file and add the section [Menu Add-ins]
as it appears in brackets. Then add the following line under

[Menu Add-ins]
&Security Wizard==securit()

2 Save the file.

3 Make a backup copy of your system.mda file usually located in you
Access directory.

4 Start Access, open any database, from the security menu choose
change password.

5 From the Users option under the same menu add a new users to the
system and add that users to the group Admins.

6 Exit Access and log in as the users you just added to the system.

7 Open any database,choose the Users from the Security menu again
and this time remove the user Admin from the system.

8 Exit Access and log in again as the new user.

9 After logging in create a new database.

10 There should now be an option under Help on the menu to start the

NOTE: Whenever implementing security it is always a good idea to make
backups of your system.mda and your database.

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