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Determines a NY cities street cross-section through the building address.
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Determines a NY cities street cross-section through the building address.
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Contents of the NYC.DOC file

NYC Locator ver 1.0 Copyright November 5, 1988
Tony Tortorelli All rights reserved
Compu$erve 71571,3647


The purpose of this program is to find the "approximate" cross-street
in Manhattan based upon a valid building address. It is based upon
the locator chart that is found on the back of certain business
cards or maps.


The syntax of the program is:

NYC "Building Number" "Avenue Name"

For example, entering NYC 101 Park Avenue will tell you that the
approximate cross-street is 39th street. (In this example, the
result is off by one as 101 Park Avenue is at 40th Street).

Abbreviations are valid, therefore, "NYC 101 P" would be valid in
the preceding example. You also have the option of entering either
the avenue number or name (3rd Avenue or Third Avenue, which can be
abbreviated as "3" or "T").

The program will also give a listing of street addresses when using
the /s switch. NYC /s will return:

Street Numbers commence as follows:


1 at 5th Avenue 1 at 5th Avenue
101 at Park or 4th Avenue 101 at Ave. of the Americas
201 at 3rd Avenue 201 at 7th Avenue
301 at 2nd Avenue 301 at 8th Avenue
401 at 1st Avenue 401 at 9th Avenue
501 at York or Avenue A 501 at 10th Avenue
601 at Avenue B 601 at 11th Avenue

The program is written is C and is compiled under TurboC 2.0. The
source code is included and will compile under TurboC and QuickC.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or complaints,
I can be reached at Compu$erve.

Tony Tortorelli
Compu$erve 71571,3647

Copyright Notice:

The file NYC.COM this documentation and the source code are:

(C) Copyright Tony Tortorelli 1988, All rights reserved.

It may be freely used, copied, and distributed in any manner by
anyone, provided that no fee is charged, it is not distributed as
part of a commercial product, all risk is assumed by the user,
and this unmodified documentation file and the source code is

Warranty and Support:

The author assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage that
may be caused by the use of this software, and does not warrant
that it will do anything at all. Users must agree to accept any
risk as a condition of the free use of this software. Because of
its very trivial nature, the author does not anticipate that any
support will be needed, therefore, this software is donated to
the public domain.

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