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.FLI of a spinning Holy Bible.

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Rendered Spinning Holy Bible Animation

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.FLI of a spinning Holy Bible.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Rendered Spinning Holy Bible Animation
The following Bible in this FLI file does not really exist. It was created
with Topas and animated using Topasvga. These are 3D modeling, rendering and
animation programs from AT&T GSL. Simply run the START.BAT file by typing
"start" then hitting the enter key. This animation will only work on VGA
cards in 320x200 in 256 colors. It works best on a fast 386 and a disk cache
to smooth out the frames. BIBLE.FLI was created by Rudy Hartmann of the Leo
Graphics BBS. If you are interested in high end graphics you may call the
Leo Graphics BBS yourself at 213-212-7179. It is free to all and so far
has two lines running USR Dual Standard modems at 19.2K. More lines coming

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