Graphic Animations - Lots of older FLI's

ANIM Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
3DHOUSE.ZIP48253Feb 12 1992Virtual Reality file, walk through a house.
3DIMEN.ZIP607775Feb 27 1992This Super VGA animation requires 3-D (red and blue) glasses for the real effect. A super VGA FLI player is included. FLI shows rotating raytraced balls in 3-D.
3DJET.ZIP181197Aug 24 1989AutoDesk Animator FLI picture of a jet. Requires QUICKFLI.
3DMORPH.ZIP103110Aug 2 1990Demo for 3D Studio .FLI of morph of "3D".
3DROOM.ZIP109015Oct 11 1988GRASP animation of a 3-D Room. Need GRASPRT to run.
3DTOWER.ZIP31318Jan 10 1993Virtual Reality tour of a 7 floor building.
3_OBJS.ZIP240951Dec 5 1992.FLI of three moving objects.
6CYL.ZIP97863Jul 9 1989An interesting animation of a 6-cylinder engine. Require AutoDesk Animator QuickFli.EXE to view.
6GEARS.ZIP111588Jul 24 1991QuickFli animation of gears in motion.
8BALL.ZIP26670Nov 16 1991Pretty impressive animation of an 8 ball spinning. FLI file.
92XMAS.ZIP389296Dec 8 1992Sierra's 1992 Christmas Card. 256 color VGA & Sound Card Support.
AAPLAY.ZIP56765Aug 31 1989The Autodesk Animator Player program is a flic "projector" program that lets you play your animations or display your pictures.
AAPLAYW.ZIP282646Nov 5 1991AAPLAY for Windows - player of .FLI animation files.
ACHOO.ZIP128117Feb 9 1991Animation .FLI of a Metal Man Sneezing - 3D Studio Ad.
ADOBE.ZIP437066Dec 24 1988Excellent animation advertising Adobe's Illustrator. This is a GRASP created program, and you will need GRASPRT to view.
AFLIX.ZIP108313Mar 3 1988AutoFlix will animate wireframe slide files (.SLD) and includes a programming language that allows you to create interactive presentations incorporating wireframe graphics.
AFX_MAIN.ZIP127758Oct 23 1994AniF/X v1.0 is a DOS Based Multi-Media Editor which support a wide array of Animation files, Music Formats, and Digitized Sound Samples, etc.
AGING.ZIP636635Jun 4 1993FLI of a morph where Brooke Shields transforms into an Old Woman before your eyes.
AIR.ZIP48391Jan 1 1980A great QuickFLI animation demo, a guy jumps out of a jet (with a parachute).
ALIENSAN.ZIP219585Mar 24 1990A .FLI animation from the movie 'Aliens'.
ANAG.ZIP256339Jun 9 1991A huge collection of ANSI graphics. Files A through G.
ANHZ.ZIP334311Jun 9 1991A huge collection of ANSI graphics. Files H through Z.
ANIMAG.ZIP138639Oct 26 1993Animagic v1.0 - create/edit/preview/play .FLIcks with this utility in 256 color. Also includes a standalone viewer.
ANIMATOR.ZIP340526Sep 11 1989An interesting FLI demo for AutoDesk Animator. Requires QuickFli.
APACHE.ZIP461223Mar 28 1992FLI animation file of an Apache helicopter.
APPLEFLI.ZIP141622Mar 6 1991Animator FLI file of bouncing apple.
AQUARIUM.ZIP222284Jan 10 1992.FLI animation of an aquarium.
ARN_WARF.ZIP575187Dec 24 1993Morph of Arnold & Lt. Warf done with Dmorf.
ARTFORM.ZIP348927Oct 11 1992Artform 3D is a sofware tool which may be used to create 3D animation.
BALLMONS.ZIP169629Jul 29 1992.ANM animation of BALL that turns into a MONSTER.
BALLOON.ZIP64995Apr 19 1990Animated Hot Air Balloon. Must use Quickfli.Exe to view.
BART!!.ZIP51888Jun 23 1990A QuickFli animation of Bart Simpson shooting rocks.
BART.ZIP186901Sep 25 1990GRASP file with 8-bit audio of Bart Simpson.
BBOOP.ZIP184552Dec 27 1989Betty Boop QuickFLI animation file.
BEATLFLI.ZIP535592Oct 19 1993.FLI slideshow of photos of the Fabulous Four (BEATLES).
BEE.ZIP180680Apr 1 1990Animation (Autodesk Animator .fli) of a bee and a fish in a bowl.
BIBLEFLI.ZIP341471Jun 16 1991.FLI of a spinning Holy Bible.
BIG-D.ZIP838723Aug 5 1989This is a 3-D ray tracing demo produced by the Grafx group at Paul Mace Software - rotating view of three objects.
BIGDOGS.ZIP9186Oct 10 1988Simple GRASP animation of a running dog. Requires GRASPRT to run.
BIKE.ZIP284636Jan 10 1992.FLI of a unicyle? three-wheeling tricycle? Nope, try a bicycle.
BILL-AVI.ZIP1197853Jan 24 1995A movie (AVI) clip of Bill Gates endorsing OS/2 as THE platform for the 90's at Comdex.
BIRDSHO.ZIP401842Oct 24 1990Animator FLI of mechanical birds.
BIRDWALK.ZIP543125Jan 5 1993.FLI of a goofy-looking bird walk by a picket fence and tracking a bouncing ball.
BLASTOFF.ZIP151925Jul 10 1989AutoDesk Animator animation of the Space Shuttle. Requires QUICKFLI.EXE for viewing.
BLOBRING.ZIP167240Oct 13 1992.FLI of a blob that separates into a ring of littler blobs.
BLUEBLOB.ZIP54686Feb 17 1993FLI animation of two blue balls moving, created with POV.
BLUELAKE.ZIP22245Oct 21 1989Animated scene of a blue lake. Requires GRASPRT to view.
BOINK.ZIP207629Apr 11 1991.FLI of ray-traced bouncing ball.
BOSSTALK.ZIP25032Jun 5 1989Autodesk Animator animation of a Boss talking.
BOYBAND.ZIP32004May 6 1989A nice animated Grasp file. Boy and a rubber band. Good for children.
BUBBLES.ZIP391080Dec 6 1989AutoDesk Animator FLI of girl blowing bubbles. Use Quickfli to view.
BUGFRY.ZIP26292May 27 1989Excellent VGA/EGA animation of bugs flying into a bug-zapper.
BUGSBUNY.ZIP18640Apr 1 1992Fairly crude animation of Bugs Bunny eating a carrot. FLI format.
BUTTRFLI.ZIP140635Apr 4 1990.FLI of a flittering fluttering Butterfly.
BUZBUZBE.ZIP180702Apr 1 1990Autodesk Animator FLI of a magical goldfish and a puzzled bee.
B_BFLI.ZIP27413Dec 2 1993.FLI of a rare scene - Beavis & Butthead in a NON-DESTRUCTIVE mood playing air guitars to their favorite rock & roll tunes.
CADEMO.ZIP214535Jun 7 1989Cellular Automata are visible computations which take the form of realtime self-generating graphics movies. The most important near term CA applications are image processing and image generation. Demo CA Animator.
CAN-SO-1.ZIP1396095Oct 8 1993Computer Animators News Sept/Oct '93 Issue [disk 1 of 4] - collection of .FLI animations, discussions/tutorials about animation techniques, animation efforts contributed by animation enthusiasts.
CAN-SO-2.ZIP1400072Oct 8 1993Computer Animators News Sept/Oct '93 Issue [disk 2 of 4].
CAN-SO-3.ZIP1375417Oct 8 1993Computer Animators News Sept/Oct '93 Issue [disk 3 of 4].
CAN-SO-4.ZIP1380748Oct 8 1993Computer Animators New Sept/Oct '93 Issue [disk 4 of 4].
CAN_APR.ZIP1373740Mar 14 1993April '93 edition of Computer Animators News Monthly - tutorials, sample animations, and info.
CAP11.ZIP15905Aug 4 1986CAP is a utility to aid GRASP users in capturing clippings and pictures from programs other than PCPAINT PLUS. With CAP, a user can capture images from virtually any other graphics program.
CARMORF.ZIP175015Feb 13 1994.FLI of morph from VW Bug to RX7, from book on DMORF.
CAR_RACE.ZIP1008536Sep 9 1992.AVI car race animation for Video for Windows.
CAT.ZIP2617Apr 8 1990GRASP GL file of a cat scurrying across the screen.
CATNAP2.ZIP455678Oct 27 1990This is ATARI's Season Greeting Animation in QuickFli format.
CCDOBJC2.ZIP2768598May 16 1993Awesome .FLI of a trip across MARS.
CDFLI.ZIP443138Apr 29 1990.FLI of a flying CD.
CHAIRMLT.ZIP142804Jan 1 1980.FLI of a melting chair.
CHANGE.ZIP438596Jan 10 1995.MPG of morphing between faces.
CHASE1.ZIP17998Sep 8 1993.FLI of a chase involving strange objects.
CHASERS.ZIP50580Nov 6 1989Two colorful paper airplanes chasing while in flight - use QUICKFLI to view.
CHESSBD.ZIP373670Oct 25 1993This is a good MPEG of a fly-by over a chess board.
CHOPPER.ZIP99688May 26 1991.FLI of a chopper flying with clouds in the background.
CHUBBY.ZIP171364Feb 9 1992.FLI of a humanoid doing the dance made famous by Chubby Checker (The "Twist").
CHUKL11A.ZIP64337Sep 30 1993Morph of clinton to terminator.
CIRCLES.ZIP235713Apr 20 1991Autodesk Animator FLI of a rotating circle.
CLACKER.ZIP356458Jul 23 1992.FLI of a 5-ball clacker (created using POV Raytracer).
CLN-FLIG.ZIP174326Aug 21 1989An interesting animation of a walking clown.
CMPEG10.ZIP27985Jun 28 1993Small program to create MPEG animation files from a set of frames. Supports many input formats, including .TGA files.
COASTER.ZIP351527Mar 29 1990Autodesk Animator animation of a Roller Coaster, use QUICKFLI to view.
COLAWAR.ZIP159362Dec 6 1989Commercial Cola Companies in conFLIct - use QUICKFLI to view.
COLA_WAR.ZIP143958Dec 6 1989In the battle of the Cola War a brave Coca-Cola Warrior dares to take on the evil Pepsi Cruiser.
COLCUBE.ZIP10413Oct 12 1987An excellent VGA demo, display 256 colors. Requires Grasp.
CPUTEED.ZIP4366Jun 2 1992.FLI of THE END screen with COMPUTER FONT.
CPUWELC.ZIP3233Jun 2 1992.FLI of a Welcome Screen using Computer Font.
DAGGER.ZIP11798Aug 8 1993FLI of an animated dagger throw.
DASDEMO.ZIP46801Nov 26 1993Disney Animation Studio animation player and sample of a cartoon pencil.
DASFLICK.ZIP523484Mar 4 1993Disney Animation Studio .CFT animations and player included, requires VGA and 456K memory.
DAVEHEAD.ZIP33794Oct 5 1991.FLI of David Letterman doing his TOP TEN LIST.
DEADHEAD.ZIP10878Aug 10 1988GRASP animation of a Grateful Dead's poster. GRASPRT needed.
DELOREAN.ZIP12635May 31 1990QuickFli animation of a flying Delorean.
DFV.ZIP53065Sep 30 1993Dave's FLI animation file viewer.
DINGBAT.ZIP89600Apr 7 1993Disney Animation Studio animation of a bat - includes FLICK player.
DINOBOY.ZIP186874Feb 13 1994.FLI of a morph of a boy into a dinosaur, from book on DMORF.
DINOSAUR.ZIP138515Apr 14 1992.FLI of a dinosaur - Jurassic inspired?
DINO_FLI.ZIP76668Dec 6 1989Autodesk Animator FLI of a dinosaur and a plane.
DL2GL.ZIP3677Apr 21 1993dltogl.c -- convert .DL animations into .GL animations.
DLVIEW21.ZIP33583Nov 1 1990Viewer for use with DL animation files. Imported answer to GRASP.
DLVIEW22.ZIP37366May 5 1991Latest viewer for .DL files - from Italy.
DMORPH.ZIP442956Jan 2 1995A quickplay film of the monsters in Doom.
DMPEG11.ZIP28375Jun 28 1993MPEG viewer for DOS, slower than Xing's but supports 16M colors.
DOGBOT.ZIP40432Jul 10 1989Autodesk Animator .FLI of a running robot dog.
DOLPHFUL.ZIP235186Oct 6 1992.FLI of a dolphin looping in a circle.
DOMINOS.ZIP84066Jan 9 1991Autodesk Animator FLI of dominos falling on a wooden table.
DRGONFLI.ZIP42004Oct 25 1989Autodesk Animator animation of two dragons attacking each other.
EARTHFLI.ZIP108268Jan 10 1992.FLI of the spinning blue marble in this universe that we call home - EARTH.
EGGCLOCK.ZIP149829Apr 24 1994Mpg file of an egg exploding and a clock moving.
F2E-31.ZIP47229Oct 23 1992FLI to EXE v3,1 - converts .FLI animation file into a self-playing .EXE file.
FACETALK.ZIP850791Feb 9 1992.FLI of a picture of a face which is morphed into 3D so that it appears to be talking and making weird facial expressions.
FALL.ZIP185861Jul 19 1992A good FLI animation of a building crashing to the ground.
FANTVIEW.ZIP149742Apr 14 1989An EGA animation program which uses the PLAYER viewing program and .MVE data files. IT comes with a setup program which enables use on any video card (EGA, CGA, mono).
FIREPL.ZIP32951Nov 4 1988Interesting display of a roaring fireplace.
FIRERING.ZIP146128Mar 30 1990.FLI of what happens when an obnoxious RING meets its over-sensitive MATCH.
FISH.ZIP73226Jul 9 1989Autodesk Animator animation of a big fish being eaten by little fish.
FISH2.ZIP341671Jan 10 1992FLI of 2 unique looking animated fishs.
FISHFOOD.ZIP72407May 3 1989FLI of a fish eating Dinner.
FLAP.ZIP11479Aug 25 1992Dave's FLI Appender - append several .FLIcks together.
FLI-MENU.ZIP18029Apr 27 1992Select and view .FLI files using this menu program.
FLI2EX10.ZIP95393Mar 23 1993Convert Autodesks' .FLI files to executable (.EXE) programs.
FLI2GIF.ZIP16445Mar 11 1992Screen-capture to .GIF format any and all frames of a .FLI animation file while playing it.
FLISEE.ZIP63124Feb 11 1992A very flexible FLI player.
FLISPEED.ZIP6886Apr 25 1992Edits the specified .FLI file and changes the "speed" value that's internally stored on that file so you can speed up (lower #) or slow down (higher #) the changes between frames.
FLO.ZIP311693Jun 16 1991A nice FLI created in 3D-Studio of a woman picking petals from a flower.
FLY.ZIP18344Jul 25 1989AutoDesk Animator animation of a fly on the wall. Requires QUICKFLI.EXE for viewing.
FLYBY.ZIP410839Mar 26 1992A unique animation that combines sound & a computer generated landscape.
FORENSIC.ZIP1782053May 2 1992Fantastic FLI file generated in Autocad that was instrumental in a recent shooting trial.
FROG.ZIP88034Mar 4 1990QuickFli of a frog swinging on a swing under a tree.
FROG1.ZIP50613Apr 8 1993Disney Animation Studio animation of a frog - includes FLICK player.
FROGGIRL.ZIP545240Aug 7 1993.FLI that "morphs" between a girl and a frog.
GATOR.ZIP36392Oct 6 1992.FLI of a log floating in the water.
GIFCOM.ZIP1258Nov 26 1993Multimedia GRASP source to extract GIF comments into a variable.
GIRLCHTA.ZIP319204Jul 27 1993FLI of a morph where a girl with blue eyes transforms into a cheetah before your eyes.
GIRLMORF.ZIP830255Jun 24 1993.FLI of face-morph involving three lovely blonde women.
GIRL_CHT.ZIP529209Dec 24 1993Morph of Cover girl & Cheeta done with Dmorf. In FLI format.
GLASSC.ZIP161293Jan 22 1990AutoDesk (.FLI) animation of a clear sphere in motion against a red brick background.
GLFORMAT.ZIP10366Mar 15 1991Explains the data structure for GL movie graphic files.
GLOBEAVI.ZIP537526Oct 28 1992Microsoft .AVI of globe.
GOBLET.ZIP69263Nov 21 1988GRASP animation of a spinning Goblet. Very good color changes.
GOBLETFL.ZIP50732Jan 14 1991Animation .FLI of a floating goblet.
GRASP21E.ZIP46491Apr 7 1991Latest release of Grasprt.exe, *.GL viewer.
GRASP320.ZIP50165Nov 24 1989Grasprt version 3.20 (beta).
GRASP35.ZIP63523Feb 22 1990Update of Grasprt viewer for .GL animated images.
GRASPRT.ZIP68536Feb 14 1991Newest version of Grasprt, Version 4.0 Plays GL files.
GRASPTUT.ZIP21983Jul 31 1986Grasp tutorial for making a simple animation demo.
GV20.ZIP24422Jul 1 1993GL-VIEW is a simple shell for manipulating ".GL".
HANDS.ZIP95419Jul 11 1989AutoDesk Animator animation of clapping hands, dove, etc. Requires QUICKFLI.EXE for viewing.
HCFLI05.ZIP156431Oct 13 1992HC FLI v0.5b - 32,768 Color FLI animation maker for HiColor Super VGA.
HCPLAY05.ZIP30633Oct 13 1992HC Play v0.5 - 32,768 Color FLI animation player for HiColor Super VGA.
HEAD1.ZIP172368Feb 3 1991Nice QuickFli FLI animation of a rotating head.
HEAD2.ZIP172346Feb 3 1991FLI animation of a spinning head.
HOLECHOP.ZIP99750Feb 7 1991Chopper .FLI animation file.
HUGOMPEG.ZIP606952Mar 1 1994MPEG of realtime weather images of hurricane Hugo.
H_S.ZIP32000Jan 10 1992FLI Animation
ICLMAN.ZIP951573May 30 1991.FLI of an ICL man running and hurdling over 386 chip.
IV32RV.ZIP1422635Nov 1 1994Latest Intel Indeo Video drivers (R3.2) update. For Microsoft Video for Windows 1.1d dtd 1 Nov 1994.
JABBER.ZIP12888Jun 5 1989An Autodesk Animator Flic of two bosses jabbering to each other.
JEFFMILD.ZIP672548Mar 31 1993FLI of a potpourri of floating animations in & out of the screen's view.
JOLT.ZIP156799Jul 23 1988A VGA-only animation of a can of Jolt Cola. One of the best I have seen. Needs Grasprt to run.
JUGGLER.ZIP135187Dec 2 1989Classic grasp file showing a robot juggling glass balls originally done on Amiga with ray-tracing. This version is in color.
JUMPJACK.ZIP230800Dec 15 1991Mannequin Software demo of exercising human figure .FLI animation.
KLING.ZIP33854May 29 1990A .fli of klingon bird of prey uncloaking.
KONK.ZIP88692Apr 23 1991QuickFli of a person getting hit on the head with a bottle.
LAMP.ZIP212713Jun 26 1991FLI animation file of a floating lamp, very pretty and interesting.
LAUNCHAE.ZIP361016Jul 9 1991FLI of a rocket launching.
LENS.ZIP14010Feb 6 1990Autodesk Animator FLI of a lens going back and forth.
LIND2MEG.ZIP978234Mar 3 1994.FLI that "morphs" between Linda Hamilton and Meg Ryan.
LUNGSAVI.ZIP490218Dec 7 1994.AVI of the progressive damage to lungs. STOP SMOKING NOW, PLEASE!.
LUXOBALL.ZIP323055Jan 2 1990Animation .FLI of a lamp and ball bouncing and rolling around.
MANDEL01.ZIP136981Mar 25 1992FLI of a fractal. Created with Winfract.
MANDOG.ZIP1186293Dec 21 1993.FLI morphs from a man to a dog.
MANRUN.ZIP1282264Jan 10 1992.FLI of a running mannequin man.
MARBLE.ZIP93410Aug 1 1988Graphic animation of various shapes of cut marble in motion.
MARBLE2.ZIP93765Aug 1 1988Grasp animation of animated balls and pyramids.
MARIAH_C.ZIP211118Feb 8 1991Grasp animation file of Mariah Carey.
MARILYN.ZIP16895Dec 3 1989Animated picture of Marilyn Monroe, requires QuickFli.
MARVIN.ZIP208026Mar 11 1993FLI of space warrior cartoon character from Warner Bros.
MATCH.ZIP55045Dec 18 1989QuickFli animation of a match being striked.
MEN.ZIP524333Dec 2 1992.FLI that "morphs" between two pictures of men.
MESH.ZIP198790Dec 6 1990Bowling Ball & Pin flying on a rotating saucer in space. FLI animation.
MIGCRASH.ZIP887436Mar 23 1990Crash of MIG fighter at French Air Show.
MOECRLY.ZIP55666Apr 11 1990.GL animation file of Moe hitting Curley over the head.
MORPHFLI.ZIP863137Jan 12 1994.FLI that "morphs" between several faces of ladies.
MPEG386.ZIP107002Feb 10 1993Graphics manipulator and viewer for movie type formats.
MPG_FLIG.ZIP303130May 25 1992Fantastic MPEG of Blue Angles in flight.
MPLAYER.ZIP459309Dec 11 1992Microsoft Windows AVI Run-time viewer.
MRIHEART.ZIP205286Jan 14 1989VGA animation of a beating heart, by Grafx Group.
MRNUMO.ZIP21818Apr 27 1989An AutoDesk Animator FLI of Mr. NumberHead.
MT_TAM.ZIP1944323Aug 9 1991.FLI of a flying tour over mountain terrain.
MVIDEO.ZIP152230Nov 20 1988GRASP animation of a Tears for Fears video. GRASPRT.EXE required.
NANTSAR.ZIP352074Nov 29 1992.FLI of a running dinosaur.
NEURON.ZIP607290Feb 25 1994Neat MPEG of a flyby neurons.
NYSTORM.ZIP46973Mar 11 1990Grasprt animation of a power outage in NY city.
OJMURDER.ZIP5204936Apr 2 1995MPEG recreation of Simpson/Goldman murder from C|NET.
ONEPAL.ZIP169650Mar 11 1993FLI of a tot about to rocket off to DREAMLAND.
ON_WALL.ZIP16865Mar 12 1993FLI of the Wall.
OPTICAL.ZIP700224Mar 10 1993FLI of an optical nature.
ORBIT.ZIP124379Jan 7 1993.FLI of what looks like the rings in orbit around Saturn or is it a gyroscope.
OZ2PDS.ZIP1047266Aug 7 1992Video excerpt from the Wizard of Oz with the SCARECROW - includes viewer.
PACOPLAY.ZIP67815Apr 8 1992Player for Macintosh .CAV animation files.
PARA2.ZIP98534Jul 31 1992.FLI of a paraboloid in motion.
PEPSI.ZIP130806Oct 21 1989A VGA Grasp animation of a revolving Pepsi container.
PERPETUA.ZIP3587Oct 25 1989Perpetual motion machine simulation.
PICTBEST.ZIP98007Feb 2 1989Demo animation for GRASP. Requires GRASPRT.EXE.
PLANET01.ZIP61105Mar 20 1990Autodesk Animator FLI display of fictional planets in motion.
PLAY80.ZIP19008Jul 15 1992FLC animation file player.
PLAYER.ZIP56929Sep 21 1989The Autodesk Animator Player program is a flic "projector" program that lets you play your animations or display your pictures.
PMFLI100.ZIP36374May 17 1991OS/2 PM Animator player for .FLI files.
PROPS.ZIP322134Jul 30 1993FLI Animation of PROPELLERS.
PUZMORF.ZIP301038Aug 26 1991.FLI of a puzzling morph occurring - can't explain - just watch the world spin and morphing blobs.
PUZZLE5.ZIP782100Feb 12 1994.FLI of an animated wooden puzzle of an elephant.
QUICKFLI.ZIP8271Oct 15 1989AutoDesk Animator EXE used to display .FLI files.
RACCOON.ZIP59821Mar 8 1993FLI of a raccoon that runs across the screen.
RACETRK.ZIP48249Jan 12 1990QuickFli of two motorcycles racing against each other.
RAMPAGE2.ZIP766277Aug 31 1988GRASP animation of AST's expansion ram board product line. You will need GRASPRT to view this file.
RIPPLE3.ZIP474445Feb 9 1992Animator FLI file. Difficult to describe.
ROBOROO.ZIP228020Mar 10 1993FLI of a robotic kangaroo.
ROCKET.ZIP321385Jun 27 1991Quickfli animation of the Rocketman from The Rocketeer.
ROID06.ZIP156637Oct 28 1990An Autodesk animation (.FLI) of a "future" virus scanning system.
RRABBIT.ZIP275987Mar 22 1990Roger Rabbit FLI animation file. Must use QUICKFLI to view.
RRHOOD.ZIP216948Jul 10 1989AutoDesk Animator animation of a dancing girl. Use QuickFli to view.
RUSHFL.ZIP61047Mar 29 1993.FLI of Rush Limbaugh talking.
SAUCERSE.ZIP97943Dec 23 1991.FLI of saucer separating from the Starship Enterprise.
SCREW.ZIP462311May 6 1993Sort of primitive multimedia presentation--an animation of a screw bouncing into a helo in a piece of wood. Pretty good sound effects, though. Needs SoundBlaster or compatible in order to hear the sound effects.
SCRUB.ZIP440466Nov 29 1993.FLI of Dow Scrubbing Bubbles.
SHAPE.ZIP16591Mar 12 1994A weird animation file - short. B/W shape turnes into a simple color shape.
SHIFTER.ZIP635748Aug 31 1990.FLI of automobile gear shifter.
SHUTSIM.ZIP52023Mar 11 1990SHUTSIM is a EGA simulation of a shuttle taking off, in orbit, and then landing again.
SHUTTLE.ZIP100400Feb 27 1991Quickfli animation of the space shuttle taking off.
SIMPFLI.ZIP68683Oct 3 1990Autodesk Animator FLI of The SIMPSONS Family.
SKATBORD.ZIP165437Sep 2 1990QuickFli animation of Bart Simpson skateboarding. Totally Rad.
SKELTFLI.ZIP289875Mar 29 1992.FLI of spinning skeleton.
SNEAK.ZIP3157Jul 31 1993FLI of a man sneaking around.
SNEAKY.ZIP3253Jul 31 1993FLI of a man sneaking around at an angle.
SPHERE2.ZIP302420Mar 19 1990Incredible VGA animated graphic or several rotating silver spheres.
SPOCK2ET.ZIP402022Oct 11 1993FLI of Spock "morphing" into E.T. and back again.
SPOCK_ET.ZIP385496Dec 24 1993Morph of Spock & ET done with Dmorf. In FLI format.
SQSHFLI.ZIP138908Mar 14 1992119 frame animation done with Polyray. FLI format.
STNGBTL.ZIP422148Jan 14 1992.FLI of a battle scene from Star Trek The Next Generation.
STOOGES.ZIP73074May 5 1990This is a AutoDesk Animator animation file of The Three Stooges. You will need QuickFli to run this program.
STROLL.ZIP232635Oct 27 1992.FLI of a metallic robot who "reflects" on his checkered future and past.
SUBLIME.ZIP24091Oct 24 1991.FLI which is an example of tweening.
SWALK.ZIP1064Aug 5 1986GRASP animation of a man walking.
TABLE-CP.ZIP187550Sep 17 1991.FLI of various views of a table and the geometric objects on its top.
TALKHEAD.ZIP50645Jul 9 1989AutoDesk Animator animation of a talking head. Requires QUICKFLI.EXE to view.
TAPDANCE.ZIP214832May 7 1989Great .FLI of a lady tapdancing.
TEAPTFLI.ZIP189697Aug 1 1989AutoDesk Animator animation of a teapot spouting new teapots. Requires QUICKFLI.EXE to view.
TERHAR.ZIP1392489Aug 4 1993.FLC of a morph between two faces.
TIGER.ZIP46628Aug 20 1989A .FLIck of a tiger running accross the screen.
TIGERCAT.ZIP53212Aug 20 1989Autodesk Animator flick of a tiger.
TIMEMACH.ZIP286404Jun 20 1990QuickFli of a flying time machine in space.
TOP3D.ZIP75588Apr 7 1994.FLI of a spinning top.
TOYMAN01.ZIP135809Feb 12 1994.FLI of a walking toyman.
TRANSPRT.ZIP210508Apr 21 1990Autodesk Animator FLI animation of an Android assembly line.
TREKIE.ZIP127647Sep 21 1990QuickFli animation of Star Trek/Star Wars.
TREKMPEG.ZIP676349Feb 25 1994MPEG of Enterprise.
TREKSM.ZIP324608Jan 1 1980A .FLI animation file from the series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Scenes from the Borg episode. You need the Quickfli program to run it.
TROPIC.ZIP83211Jul 5 1993Animation of a Video Beach complete with waves, dolphins, and birds.
TUBEFLI.ZIP19483Mar 13 1992Simple FLI of a tube rotating, created using Micro Lathe.
T_RECALL.ZIP225464Aug 24 1990Grasp animation of Arnold in Total Recall. Watch his head split.
UN-GL100.ZIP25405Oct 1 1992Quick and dirty programs to explore GRASP (.gl) files. UN-GL: Breaks GRASP (.gl) file down into its component files. RE-GL: Recombines files into a GRASP (.gl) file. Uploaded by author, George Dinwiddie.
UNGL.ZIP9439Sep 3 1989Take apart GL animations, check 'em out, and put 'em back together.
UPARROWS.ZIP26990Jan 10 1992UPARROWS - .FLI of arrows moving upward - power of positive thinking.
VGAFISH.ZIP9216May 14 1988An ocean view of various fish. A speed boat and the Beatle's yellow submarine make a guest appearance. EGA/VGA.
VGAMAST.ZIP483639Apr 25 1989VGA Masterpieces - slide show of art from some of the master painters. In .GL format.
VIEWGL.ZIP34799Jun 2 1991VIEWGL is a SHELL to be using in conjunction with the GRASPRT viewer.
VIRTUAL.ZIP99869Apr 4 1991Interactive "Virtual World" Demo from England.
VORT.ZIP183505Dec 12 1990Vort Demo - FLI of ray traced objects on the Chess Board - three simultaneous animations.
VOYAGR3.ZIP282182Dec 8 1993Animation for Windows (AVI) of Voyager probe.
VTADEMO.ZIP148532Jun 26 1989GRASP animation demo, requires GRASPRT.EXE.
WALKER1.ZIP944861Feb 26 1991.FLI of the walking robot from STARWARS movie.
WANKEL.ZIP36868Feb 14 1990QuickFli animation of a Rotary engine in action.
WARBEAT.ZIP112581Feb 22 1991FLI of a beating heart with the US flag painted on it.
WAVEFLI.ZIP1224470Jul 29 1991.FLI of Spheres on the Water - unpacks to > 2.2 meg.
WAVELOG.ZIP821966Feb 9 1992Animator FLI file of morphing shape.
WAVELOGO.ZIP95717Nov 27 1991.FLI of AUTODESK logo, very cool.
WHIRL.ZIP23241Jul 23 1988GRASP .GL animation file. CGA version.
WICKED.ZIP138084Dec 29 1989Wicked Witch .FLI animation. Requires QUICKFLI to run.
XMASCD.ZIP273877Dec 16 1987This a Grasp animated Christmas card from Paul Mace Software.