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Convert Autodesks' .FLI files to executable (.EXE) programs.
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Convert Autodesks’ .FLI files to executable (.EXE) programs.
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Contents of the FLI2EXE.DOC file


Fli2Exe converts Autodesk Animator, FLI files into a self
executing/displaying module. There is only one parameter that is
to be passed to Fli2Exe and that is the name of the .Fli file(file
extension may be omitted). Fli2Exe will then convert the Fli file
to an .Exe file that may be executed to display the animation.
There is one optional parameter that may be specified on the
command line with executing the resulting Exe file, a playback
speed ranging from 0-9, 0 being the slowest.

Also, I have tried may different Fli files and seem to have no
problem with DOS running what appears to be an executable larger
than 640K. The one debilitating limitation at present is that you
can only convert 320x200 Fli file to Exe format. Larger
resolutions will convert, however they will not display properly.
I am working on this.


To convert the Fli file 'Balls.Fli' to Balls.Exe:
Fli2Exe Balls

To display Balls.Exe:

Please remember that Fli2Exe is shareware and not free. If you do
not feel that it is worth the $10.00 registration fee, send what
you think it is worth. If the latter is true, please include a
short explanation of the reason(s) that you feel this way so that
I may enhance it for better use.

Thanks, Rob Hill

Copyright 1993, Systemes Teknologies, Inc.
291 North Hubbard Lane
Suite B-26-153
Louisville, KY 40207

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