Dec 092017
FLI animation file of an Apache helicopter.
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FLI animation file of an Apache helicopter.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This FLI was created using TopasVga by Rudy Hartmann of the Leo Graphics BBS. The Apache helicopter is from a 3D model available for purchase from Viewpoint at (800)748-4170. They have a great library of 3D objects you can use in animations and renders. The Leo Graphics BBS is a BBS for enthusiasts of REAL computer graphics, not just a vending machine for a bunch of scanned GIF's. Anybody can do that! Are you into animation, rendering, cad, 3D modeling, 24-bit color painting, image processing or any high end computer graphics? If you are a serious computer graphics professional or just a serious enthusiast come share with us! The Leo Graphics BBS (310)212-7179 USR Dual Standards with 14.4 HST and V.32 on all lines!

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