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Screen-capture to .GIF format any and all frames of a .FLI animation file while playing it.
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Screen-capture to .GIF format any and all frames of a .FLI animation file while playing it.
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Contents of the FLI2GIF.DOC file

FLI2GIF - V1.0 March 4, 1992

This program was first released on America Online. Come join the club
at the PC Graphics Forum. Keyword, pc graphics.

This is a FLI viewer utility that has the added feature of allowing you to
grab frames from a FLI file and save them to a GIF. FLI files are animation
files that are created by the Autodesk Animator program.

The commands for FLI2GIF are as follows :

To run, enter :


where is any file with the .FLI extention.
FLI2GIF will start playing the animation. When it gets to
the end, it will loop back to the begining of the animation
and continue to play.

While the FLI plays over and over you can press these keys at anypoint:

'P' to pause :

Hitting 'P' will freeze the action on the screen.
If you hit 'P' again, the animation will advance
by one frame. While in this freeze mode, you can
hit 'S' to save this frame to a GIF file, or hit 'Q'
to quit.

'S' to save to a GIF file :

The screen will clear and you will be asked to type
in a file name for the GIF you want to save. Please
don't include the .GIF extension in your file name as
FLI2GIF will add that on for you. The program will
then begin saving. When finished, it will return you
to the animation. If you want to exit without saving
to a GIF file, type 'exit' at the filename prompt.

'0'-'9' to vary the playback speed :

Pressing these keys will modify the rate at which
the FLI plays. 0 is the fastest speed, while 9 is
the slowest.

'Q' to quit :

Hitting this key will stop the animation and exit the

Lowercase letters work too.

This program is freeware. Feel free to distribute it so long as you
include this documentation file.

If you would like to comment on the program, or if you have problems,
you can reach me via e-mail at these locations :

[email protected] (Internet)
Markus II (America Online)
M.KERN1 (GEnie)
70670,3120 (CompuServe)

The Graphics Interchange Format(c) is the Copyright property of
CompuServe Incorporated. GIF(sm) is a Service Mark property of
CompuServe Incorporated.

This program may be freely distributed so long as all original
files remain together (FLI2GIF.EXE, FLI2GIF.DOC).

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