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This Super VGA animation requires 3-D (red and blue) glasses for the real effect. A super VGA FLI player is included. FLI shows rotating raytraced balls in 3-D.
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This Super VGA animation requires 3-D (red and blue) glasses for the real effect. A super VGA FLI player is included. FLI shows rotating raytraced balls in 3-D.
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3D.FLI 1065268 501569 deflated
PLAY.EXE 13620 12834 deflated
PLAY.TXT 4820 2046 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

Download File 3DIMEN.ZIP Here

Contents of the PLAY.TXT file

Trilobyte SVGA FLICK & Groovie Player.
Copyright 1991 Trilobyte, all rights reserved.

This is version 0.73 of Trilobyte's SVGA FLICK player.

Version 0.73 adds:
Script labels in form [label] for script files
Jump parameter for scripts in format _jump label
Loop parameter for mouse and keyboard input form: _startsub....._endsub
Keyboard input in form _keyin "k" label (must be inside loop)
Mouse regions in form _region xlo ylo xhi yhi label (must be insider loop)
Added return parameter for breaking out of script form: _return num (num=errlevel)
Fixed 1280x1024 animation bug

Version 0.72 adds:
Fixed VESA 320x200 blanking in scripts bug
Fixed hang bug with getinmem routine

Version 0.71 adds:
Added_cd n to script for controlling mscdex cd rom audio (n=track, 99=stop)
Fixed script comment bug

Version 0.7 adds:
Added -mn command line for VESA mode
n = 0 320x200x256
n = 1 640x400x256
n = 2 640x480x256
n = 3 800x600x256
n = 4 1024x768x256
n = 5 1280x1024x256
Added auto-res for animations in VESA mode
Added -fn command line for fading in/out (n = 1 fade in,
n = 2 fade out, n = 3 fade in and out)
Added mouse click to end animation
Fixed non-VESA command line bug
Made maximum animation size 53megs
Added ascii script format

Version 0.6 adds:
Starts animations off at the correct speed
Added -s command line option for speed (e.g. play myflie.fli -s9)
Added -l command line option for looping (e.g play myfile.fli -l9)
Added -g command line option for staying in graphic mode once done
Added ability to play back Groovie 0.1 files
Added Grey Scale toggle with Home key

Version 0.5 adds:
Detects processor type and uses processor specific instructions
Fixed bug on uncompressed .FLI files
Added luminence control with Pgup/Pgdown keys (not on Hercules)
Added Home key for returning back to original palette
Fixed bug with palette fades
Fixed VESA win.granulality bug
Added support for RAM/EMS/FILE caching
Made .FLI limit 16 megabytes

Version 0.4 fixes:
Problems with storing seek position on some .fli files
Problems with 320x200 first frame
Hercules Graphics Station version uses 386 instructions
Variable speed playback with 1-9 keys
Escape from the program with the ESC key

Version 0.3 adds support for:
Hercules Graphic Station Card
Fixed bugs
Made old 320x200x256 animations play in 320x200 mode
Center other animations into middle of screen

Version 0.2 adds support for:
Tseng 4000
Oak Technologies

How to use the Player

Using the program is simple. All you have to do is type "PLAY filename.FLI"
or "PLAY scriptname.GRV", the program will try and detect the SVGA card you
have, and then start to play the animation in 640x480x256 resolution.
Programs that generate .FLI's at this resolution include Autodesk 3D Studio
and Autodesk Animator Pro.

This program is not free. Trilobyte will support the product and send you
regular updates and the scripting program "Groovie".

If you would like to register, please send a check, made payable to Trilobyte,
for $20 to:
PO Box 1412
Oregon, 97530

(503) 899 1113


If you have any comments, please send them to:
Compuserve: 72330,3276
Genie : G.DEVINE
Internet : 72330,[email protected]

For best results when using the player, play the animation with lots of
expanded memory free. Play uses expanded memory to store the animation. To
use expanded memory you must first install a driver like EMM.SYS.

To stop the player from animating, press the Esc key, the player will change
back to text mode and return you to dos.

To vary the playback speed, press the keys 1-9 on the keyboard, pressing 0
will restore the speed saved in the animation.

To change the luminence of the animation use the Pgup/Pgdown keys, Home
returns the colors back to normal.

To toggle grey scale on/off press the Home key. Useful for that old movie

To change the number of loops, use the -ln or /ln option on the command line.
For example:
Play myfli.fli -l10
will play "myfli.fli" ten times. The maximum number of loops is 65535. A
value of 0 will loop forever.

To change the speed from the command line, use the -sn or /sn option.
For example:
Play myfli.fli -s10
will play "myfli.fli" at speed ten. Speeds can be between 0 and 255.

To stop Play changing the video mode back to text once finished, use the /g
or -g option on the command line.
For example:
Play myfli.fli -l10 -s10 -g
will play "myfli.fli" ten times at speed ten and then stay in graphics mode
when it exits.

Thank you for using the Trilobyte SVGA FLICK & Groovie Player

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