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Virtual Reality file, walk through a house.
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Virtual Reality file, walk through a house.
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Contents of the 3DHOUSE.TXT file

3DHOUSE - February 1992

Hi! This is a COMPLETE 3D model of our place in Valley Center,
outside and IN.

I made this with DoMark's "Virtual Reality" program. It's REALLY
great - definitely get it if you're into this sort of thing.

I set this up to run for the keyboard so choose '1' when the
menu comes up. It could easily have been configured for a mouse
though, and MIGHT work as is with a joystick - give it a try.
Pressing 'v' then 'b' allows you to rise VERY high (then use 'r'
and 'f'). Shift/Escape quits.

See if you can figure out which room is our new little girl's room!

Hope you like!

Charles Carr
30497 Lilac Road
Valley Center, CA 92082
(619) 749-8229

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