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Virtual Reality tour of a 7 floor building.
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Virtual Reality tour of a 7 floor building.
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Contents of the TOWER.TXT file

Designed by Aratus Clarke
(C) 1993 Aratus Clarke for BRUTAL UNDERGROUND

Experience Virtual Reality in VGA on your PC. Visit
my hi-rise home in Silver Spring, Md. I have a fifth floor
apartment with a great view of downtown Silver Spring. The rent
is decent (by Washington D.C. standards) and there is a private
garage to park in. I just wish the elevators were a little
This "Virtual-tour" was constructed with Domark VRS v1.21.
If you enjoyed 3D TOWER please get it registered with the
designer for $5. This will get you updated information on the
latest Virtual Reality games from BRUTAL UNDERGROUND. Other
titles include Virtual Battlefield, Street Rodder, and Virtjammer
3D Basketball.
Many of you will add 3DTOWER to your vast shareware library
and neglect the registration fee. Please show some support for
the author by sharing this file with a friend or uploading it to
your favorite BBS.

Here are the keys:
Shift-Esc quits
Q & W look left & right
R & F stand & crouch
P & L look up & down
H & J move left & right
O & K forward & backward
U turn around
A activate object
Space shoot
I fix twisted posture
Esc restart


Favorite BBS/#:_________________________( )___-____
Computer type: __ XT __ 286 __ 386sx
__ 386dx __ 486sx __ 486dx
CPU speed: __ slug 4-8Mhz __ mule 8-12Mhz
__ 12-16Mhz __ 16-20Mhz __ 20-25Mhz
__ 25-33Mhz __ screamer 33-40Mhz
__ warp-drive (40Mhz+)
RAM: __ below 1MB __ 1-2MB __ 2-4MB __ More
Graphics: __ CGA __ EGA __ VGA __ SVGA
Name your favorite virtual reality programs:

___ I have enclosed the $5.00 registration fee for 3DTOWER.

___ I have also enclosed $5.00 for a pre-registered copy of
the VIRTMAN adventure game a ( )3.5 ( )5.25 inch disk.
(This surpasses boring 3DMazes like CD-ROM vs Pong.)

___ I have enclosed an additional $3.00 for the VIRTUAL REALITY
Fun Kit on a ( )3.5 ( )5.25. This is a collection of popular
shareware titles that have been compiled by Brutal Underground
for your convenience. $3.00 pays for the disk and postage...
not the SHAREWARE programs. Please get them registered with
the authors.

Mail to:
Aratus Clarke
PO BOX 2371
Willingboro NJ 08046

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