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.FLI slideshow of photos of the Fabulous Four (BEATLES).
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.FLI slideshow of photos of the Fabulous Four (BEATLES).
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Readme.txt file for inclusion with LETITBE2.FLI


In the constant search for new things to do with the computer, I stumbled a-
cross a shareware program called RMORPH. The program allows the creation of
"morph" sequences, or the metamorphasis of one image into a second image.
This is the type of effect (on a smaller scale) that you may have seen in the
second "Terminator" movie, with Arnold changing to or from a metallic man
before your eyes.

I decided to test the RMORPH program using an image I had scanned from the
cover of the Beatles' Let it Be album cover. I cropped the image into four
images, one of each of the Beatles. Then I used RMORPH to "morph" each image
into the next. Finally, I d/l'd another shareware program "DTA15E" which al-
lows you to create a .FLI from a series of .GIFS or .TGA images. I used the
DTA program to create the looping .FLI from the .TGA's created by RMORPH.

So what can I do with LETITBE2.FLI?

As is the case with a lot of the neat do-dads we seem to accumulate on the
hard drive, it's nice to have a reason for having them. So after looking
at the .FLI once or twice then what will you do with it? If you're at the
office, you might use it as a screen saver when you have to leave your desk.
Using AAPLAY.exe you can start the .FLI and, while the flic runs, hold down
your CTRL key and press any key A-Z. This will lock the keyboard until you
press the same combination again, so people can look at your neat saver, but
won't be able to stop it by pressing keys.

If you have a multi-media package of some sort, you can combine .FLIcs,
graphic still-images, sound files, etc. to create a presentation. I've done
this a number of times for no reason other than to entertain myself. Since
I don't have much of a social life, sometimes I need more creative outlets
than staring at the TV, and putting together these presentations can be fun.

Most of all I wanted to put this file out there and draw some attention to
the above-mentioned shareware software. Look for them on your local BBS and
give them a try.

Al Carpenter

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