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Player for Macintosh .CAV animation files.
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Player for Macintosh .CAV animation files.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DESC.SDI 51 51 stored
PACOPLAY.EXE 174912 58228 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
WIN-INST.TXT 2358 1138 deflated

Download File PACOPLAY.ZIP Here

Contents of the WIN-INST.TXT file

The McHenry BBS
Exclusive Home of "PACO" Movies for Windows 3.0

2400 (815) 385-6777
HST D/S (815) 385-5031

Through a licensing agreement with CoSa, the authors
of "Pacoplay.exe" I am able to distribute this player
so that Windows 3.0 and higher, users can now view
QuickTime Movies created on the Macintosh.

What is a QuickTime Movie:

QuickTime on the Mac allows recording of real time video
directly to disk on the Mac. Here-to-for, only Mac users
were able to play these movies.

What is PacoPlay:

PacoPlay is an executable program that runs under Windows 3.0
and higher, to view .CAV (QuickTime converted) files under windows
just like you were viewing them on a Mac.


You need a video card capable of 640x480x256 to run this file.

PacoPlay.Exe is the only file necessary to run the movies.

**Install PACOPLAY.EXE by copying it to your hard drive.

Start Windows 3.0 and select NEW under the FILE menu and
choosing PROGRAM ITEM. (The Player will go into whatever
Program Group is currently selected.)

Choose BROWSE and slect PACOPLAY.EXE file. Click OK to exit
the dialog box.

You should now see a red dynamite blaster icon.

To launch the PacoPlayer, double-click on this icon (or
select OPEN from the file menu) and click the OK button
on the splash screen.

Select any filename with an .CAV extension and click open.

Once the movie is running, you can click the mouse button
or hit a key to stop it. Click the cancel button on the
file-open dialog box to exit Paco Windows Player.

***** Since this is brand new technology and is costing me *****
an annual license fee, I would appreciate your help
in covering some of the costs. If you use PACOPLAYER
and find it enjoyable PLEASE send $5.00 to:

The McHenry BBS
2213 Lincoln Road
McHenry, IL 60050

And one final note. The McHenry BBS has been, and will continue
to be one of the leaders in new and exciting graphics for both the
Mac and IBM areas. The McHenry will continue to bring you the latest
and best Adult graphic .GIF files and now .CAV files for your viewing

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