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HC FLI v0.5b - 32,768 Color FLI animation maker for HiColor Super VGA.
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HC FLI v0.5b – 32,768 Color FLI animation maker for HiColor Super VGA.
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Contents of the HCFLI.DOC file


Version 0.5b
October 6, 1992

A 32,768 Color FLI Animation Maker for HiColor SuperVGA
Copyright 1990,1992 Synergrafix Consulting
All right reserved.

HCFLI is produced by:

Steve Enns Dan Magosse
44 Macdermid Cres. and 1321 14th St.
Saskatoon, Sk. Saskatoon, Sk.
Canada S7J 2R2 Canada

in association with:

Synergrafix Consulting
44 Macdermid Cres.
Saskatoon, Sk.
Canada S7J 2R2


HCFLI produces 32,768 color (HiColor) SuperVGA FLI animations
from 15,16 and 24 bit Targa images which may be displayed with
our HCPLAY HiColor FLI player.


Continued good karma to John Bridges for the enlightening
information and code contained in his VGAKIT kit package.
Trademarks like GIF(tm) and PC(tm) are held by their
respective companies.


The HCFLI program is provided without warranty of any
kind. The user of HCFLI assumes complete responsibility
for any and all incidental or consequential damages which may
occur during normal or abnormal use of the HCFLI program.
Use the HCFLI program at your own risk.


The entire HCFLI package, including the HCPLAY, HCFLI and
HCSHOW programs, documentation and sample files are Copyright
1990,1992 Synergrafix Consulting. All rights reserved. The
unregistered shareware versions of the programs may be freely
distributed to others by any means, as long the following
(three) conditions are met:

1) HCFLI is distributed in a "package" containing the
following files:


2) HCFLI is not distributed as part of any other
product, except with specific written permission from
the authors.

3) NO fee of any kind is charged for the HCFLI
package or for the service of providing the package,
except Computer Bulletin Board Systems, which may
distribute the HCFLI package even though they may
charge a membership or service fee.

You can use the "shareware" version of HCFLI for personal,
non-commercial use for as long as you want, although your
support will directly contribute to its further development
and improvement. Commercial users, and those wishing to
produce longer animations may purchase an unrestricted
(see below) kit containing registered versions of HCFLI,
HCPLAY and HCSHOW. Send $30.00 U.S. to:

Synergrafix Consulting
44 Macdermid Cres.
Saskatoon, Sk.
Canada S7J 2R2

and you will receive a 5 1/4" disk containing the latest
unlimited versions of HCPLAY and HCFLI, along with the HCSHOW
bonus program.

Look for the shareware version of HCPLAY wherever you found
HCFLI. HCPLAY will play 32,768 colour (HiColor) animations
produced with HCFLI.


The following programs are also available from Synergrafix

GIFEXE Make you GIF's self-displaying. Make
automatic slideshows with fades, etc.

GIFWARP! Warp, bend stretch your GIFs for
interesting effects.

GIFCLIP Clip/crop your GIFs, add text or your
own GIF logo or signature.

GIFSIZE Resize all or part of your GIFs. Shrink
an entire screen to the size of an icon.

(These programs are available in licensed SuperVGA versions
for $8.00 U.S. each, or get all four for $23.00 U.S. or more.
These registered versions may not be distributed to others, or
distributed with, or as part of any other product. These
programs support modes like 640x480, 800x600 with 256 colours
on 512K and 1024K SuperVGA cards from ATI, Ahead, Cirrus,
Chips and Technologies, Everex, OAK, Paradise, Trident, Tseng,
Video7, Compaq, NCR, Genoa and VESA.


HCFLI currently requires the following:

- A 386 or 486 based PC
- About 2Mb of RAM
- DOS 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.0 (others untested)

(A HiColor display is not required to produce the FLI with
HCFLI, but is required to display the FLI with HCPLAY.)


Simply copy the HCFLI program and the DOS4GW.EXE (dos
extender) to any directory that you want - perhaps somewhere
in the DOS path.


Syntax for HCFLI is as follows:

HCFLI [?] infilespec[.TGA] [outfilename[.FLI]] /speed=n /pp

The options are as follows:

/speed=n This switch is used to specify the speed at
which the animation is to be played. This
value may be over-ridden when the animation is
played with HCPLAY. The default speed value is
0 (play as fast as possible).

/pp Pingpong. Make a FLI with the first half
consisting of the frames displayed in ascending
order, and the second half consisting of the
same frames in descending order.

For example, try:

C> HCFLI ? to see the help/brag screen

C> HCFLI anim* to make an animation from the
files "anim*.tga". The FLI file
will be named HCFLI.FLI.

C> HCFLI demo* demo.fli /pp /speed=10

make a FLI named "demo.fli" from
the Targa images "demo*.tga"
using pingpong sequencing and a
speed of 10.


This is a beta version of the software!

Currently, HCFLI is restricted to producing animations at
640x480 resolution.

Support for large 256 Color SuperVGA FLI's is currently
incomplete and buggy...

The shareware versions of HCFLI and HCPLAY are currently
restricted to animations of 25 or fewer frames.


We intend to make the following improvements to HCPLAY. We
need your support to continue development!

- Support for additional hardware - S3 chips, ATI XL (need
info!, especially for the S3), and VESA HiColor support.

- Support for additional HiColor modes such as 800x600 etc.

- Combining other FLIs into one HiColor FLI, text additions to
FLI's, etc.

- Support for new 24bit modes - Full color FLI's. (?)

- Addition of sound board support. (?)

- Better support for ordinary 256 color SuperVGA FLIs. (We
know that currently, the support for SuperVGA FLI's


- Version 0.5b Completed Oct. 6 1992

First public release.

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