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Great program for plumbers. Tracks inventory, parts lists, etc.
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Great program for plumbers. Tracks inventory, parts lists, etc.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

-the unique computer program designed by plumbing and HVAC
Professionals for the inventory control, part pricing and
accounting needs of contractors

If you would like more details or to comment and express your
opinion on THE PLUMBER'S HELPER or THE PLUMLEE HELPER we would very
much like to hear from you. Contact Harry Patton at Concepts.Dbf
(301) 937-7725 or 1-(800) 622-9404.

IBM PC or 100% Compatible Computer with :
Hard Drive, DOS 3.1 or Higher, min 512K of memory
Set your config.sys files=24 buffers=12

******* TYPE DEMO TO RUN PROGRAM ***********


** $$ If you find THE PLUMBER'S HELPER to be of any value to you
call Harry Patton of Concepts.Dbf at 1-(800)-622-9404 you my
qualify to become a license distributor $$ **

About this demo, This demo is a fully functional program
that will let you do most every thing the full system will do.
You will be able to inter job invoices, dispatch, maintain truck
service, look up map grids, inventory, add-edit customer's,
vendor's and much more so go a head and play The demo gets
installed on your hard drive and will function like the real thing
for approximately 90 days, then it will automatically erase it self
from your hard drive. If you would like to keep using this demo
you must call Concepts.Dbf and purchase the program and we will
send you a update version that will let you keep all the data you
have put in under this demo.

Our first more advanced system THE PLUMBER'S HELPER is the
most advanced system on the market. Not only does it do what
THE PLUMLEE HELPER does but there will be no need to take inventory
by way of going through that long tedious hassle of taking a pad of
paper to your inventory. With this software all you need is a
barcode scanner. Scan the barcode labels (which can also be made
through this program), count your inventory, key in the quantity on
the reader, then plug the reader into the computer and the computer
does the rest. It will also keep a full maintenance history on
each of your trucks in detail. The custom service dispatch screens
are specifically designed for the service plumber. You will be
able to do all of your invoicing, accounting, billing, job costing,
payroll, dispatching, taxes, etc.

Concepts.DBF Co. And Plumlee Custom Publishing have put together a
remarkable inventory computer program for plumbers it offers things
in a all ready put together program that can not be found else
where. It includes over 20,000.00 part numbers and prices updated
monthly by Plumlee. With the easy to use look up menus and the add
and edit screens, you can look up a part by part number,
manufactures name, manufactures part number or you can make up your
own numbers to identify the part. You do not even need to know the
part number to find a part just the name of the manufacture or the
type of item you wont the price on and use the point and shoot look
up windows.


This is a small portion of the inventory module in our larger
program called "THE PLUMBERS HELPER" most of the modules can
be purchased separately or all in one package.

Throughout the program, when the cursor is in the "Part Number"
field waiting for you to enter a part number, One of several
numbers can be used. The Plumlee Number is arrived at by combining
the Plumlee INDEX number and ITEM number into a unique 11 digit
part number. The system also supports alternative part numbers
that can be any thing you want up to 15 characters.

The system comes preloaded with the manufacturers numbers so you
can enter those instead.. If your people have any pet names or
numbers for a specific part, you can enter it into the system as
long as it is not a duplicate to one already there. There is no
limit on how many alternate numbers you can have for any one part.
When you get invoices from your suppliers, put their numbers in as
alternatatives, and from then on the machine will do the
cross-reference for you.

This live demo contains over 500 inventory items covering 42
manufacturers which is a small part of the over 22,000 items
and almost 200 manufacturers offered by the full system.
Some part numbers that are in this demo that you might recognize
are 300 522 7310A 1200 333. These certainly are not all of
the alternate numbers in the demo, but will give you a feel for
what the system will do. Go ahead and play with it some and
remember we take cash, checks, visa/mastercard, and money orders.

By using the Plumlee pricing service as a guide, You can adjust
your cost and sell prices as a percentage of the manufacturers
list price. The full program will allow you to customize your
pricing for any (or all) manufacturers and reflect your
actual costs and sell prices more accurately. These changes are
done automatically for you when new updated information is

The full program will allow you to print your own custom price
sheets for any (or all) of the manufacturers.

The pricing update service used in these programs are available
through, Plumlee Custom Publishing, Clearwater, Florida.
(800) 367-7586 or (813) 443-4548

The following is a list of available software options for use with
your computer system. Some of these items are exclusively through
THE PLUMBER'S HELPER program and others are available additions
from other sources that you my found to be very beneficial. Please
keep in mind that this is just a brief description of what is

1. One of the most innovative things about inventory is having
the ability to use the part numbers and prices supplied by Plumlee
Systems in Florida. By using Plumlee's monthly updates, you are
assured of staying current with any price changes that occur. By
using the alternate part number function, you can call up an
inventory item by your own part number, or any of your vendors, or
OEM. Your part numbers are automatically cross referenced.

2. There will be no need to take inventory by way of going through
that long tedious hassle of taking a pad of paper to your
inventory, writing a long part number down and then going to the
keyboard of your computer and typing it again, which often leads to
a great deal of unnecessary mistakes. With this software, all you
need is a barcode scanner. Scan the barcode labels (which can also
be made through this program), count your inventory, key in the
quantity on the reader, then plug the reader into the computer and
the computer does the rest.

3. It will also give you a side by side comparison of the price
you pay for a part from each supplier. This should keep the
suppliers on their toes!! This way you know which supplier is
charging you which price on the same part.

4. It will keep a full maintenance history on each of your trucks
in detail. A touch of a button you will know which truck was
worked on plus who did the repair, what was done, how much it cost
and when it was done. It will also tell you when the tags,
insurance, inspection, and county sticker need to be renewed.
This will help keep your trucks in tip top shape.

5. You will be able to do all of your invoicing, accounting,
billing, job costing, payroll, mailing labels, dispatching,
estimating, taxes, general ledger, heat loss calculations, word
processing, spread sheets etc.

6. When you enter a customer address on a job invoice it will
automatically provide you the map page and grid number of your
customer's street. This will save the driver from having to do it
and save travel time by avoiding getting lost in route to your
customer. With this program there will be no question as to where
your customer is located. You can also look up the map page and
grid number for any street name by itself just by typing in the
name of the street or the first few letters of the name.

7. This system will be able to keep track of which county or city
any particular job is located in. This could be used to calculate
how much tax is due to which county or city. This will also keep
you up to date on which area you do the most work in.

8. You can look up a job invoice in many ways, you can do it by
phone number, job number, street name, last name, P O numbers
by a serial number on a piece of equipment that was installed on
the job, or any other way you may choose, the choice is yours!!

9. When you are in a customer or vendor file, by hitting a HOT
key, your modem will dial the number directly for you.

10. This system keeps track of maintenance contracts so you will
know which customer is due for service or warranties.

11. It will alert you if the customer calling for service has an
outstanding debt or if the customer has been repeatedly overdue
with payments.

12. With the help and cooperation of your suppliers, by using a
modem, you can call the suppliers computer to check on any
particular item. You can find out if the item is in stock, or what
the price is. This option will save everyone involved time and
money. There will be no need to be put on hold while the
counter person looks through the files to find the information you
need. You could place your order using the computer 24 hrs. a day
and at the same time find out what the current pricing is as
opposed to using outdated catalogs. This can even be done in the
evening when the suppliers are closed or at your leisure. This
should result in them having your order pulled and waiting for
you to pick up first thing in the morning.

13. There are products available that will allow you to use your
computer as a facsimile "FAX" machine.

14. The computer can be used to call your bank and immediately
obtain information concerning your account, transfer funds from one
account to another, stop payment on a check, see what checks have
cleared your account and more. When a customer uses a charge card
you can use the computer to call and get the authorization number
for you.

15. The computer can act as a receptionist. It can answer
incoming calls and tell the person on the line to hold until the
next available person can answer the call. It can take messages if
the person does not wish to hold, and if you are out of the office
when a message is left it will automatically call you at any number
you want and give you your messages.

16. You can add to the base program so if you do not want all that
it offers at one time, you can add to it a little at a time. That
way you can start small and learn the system as you go along. This
helps to customize the system to meet your business needs and
budget as they grow.

17. If you are using this program with a modem and if a problem or
question develops there is no need for you to waste anytime calling
around for help. Harry can call your computer on the phone using
the modem to assist you. You do not have to do a thing. This will
help assure you are not left out in the cold waiting for someone to
call you back or show up.

END ///////////////////////END///////////////////////////////END///

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