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Excellent TSR pop-up Personal Calendar V14.62. This one has just about every feature you would want in this type of program.

Full Description of File

Contains a printable appointment reminder
(tickler), clock, scrollable calendar,
notepad, and historical track. Deluxe,
flexible, friendy Personal Information
Manager, runs as normal program or stable,
environment sensitive 6K byte TSR. -AV by
Author, Paul Munoz-Colman. From FunStuff
Software $35. DOS 6 and OS/2 compatible!

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Excellent TSR pop-up Personal Calendar V14.62. This one has just about every feature you would want in this type of program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CAL.EXE 117261 115339 deflated
CAL.ICO 766 159 deflated
CAL.PIF 545 146 deflated
CALERROR.DAT 21280 3156 deflated
CALHELP.DAT 83120 20453 deflated
CALINIT.DAT 4706 1695 deflated
CALNAMES.DAT 4114 1290 deflated
CALPOPUP.COM 12 12 stored
CALREMOV.COM 294 253 deflated
DESCRIBE.DOC 10212 4163 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 382 286 deflated
HISTORY.DOC 20315 7445 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 21733 7558 deflated
ORDER.FRM 5606 2051 deflated
PACKING.LST 3557 1501 deflated
PC-PIF.DVP 416 112 deflated
README.DOC 17262 6600 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 13339 4679 deflated
SHARWARE.DOC 13362 5254 deflated
SYSOP.DOC 3129 1423 deflated
VENDOR.DOC 4176 1768 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

Contains a printable appointment reminder
(tickler), clock, scrollable calendar,
notepad, and historical track. Deluxe,
flexible, friendy Personal Information
Manager, runs as normal program or stable,
environment sensitive 6K byte TSR. -AV by
Author, Paul Munoz-Colman. From FunStuff
Software $35. DOS 6 and OS/2 compatible!

Introductory Information
Copyright 1985-1993 by Paul Munoz-Colman. All rights reserved.

Association of
o Professionals


FunStuff Software Voice 703-435-1110 Voice 800-242-4775
11645 Charter Oak Court 703-693-5227 FAX 713-524-6398
Suite 201 FAX 703-435-3130 CompuServe 71355,470
Reston, VA 22090-4526 USA CompuServe 71141,1224 or !GO SWREG


Personal Calendar (PC) is a Personal Information Manager (PIM) which contains
a full-featured appointment reminder and a notepad. PC displays a three-month
scrollable calendar, a running analog and digital clock, and a time-oriented
event (to-do) list and a text note list, each 300 in capacity. A modifiable
historical tracking (diary) is made of events and notes, all printable.
Warnings and alarms tell when something is pending or overdue (ticklers).

Driven by a simple flexible menu interface, Personal Calendar can be a normal
or a TSR (pop up) program, as you choose; TSR use interrupts you at the
earliest event. As a TSR, an extremely small 6K byte kernel remains in DOS
memory, with the balance swapped to EMS or disk. TSR programming is extremely
stable and environment-sensitive. Personal Calendar also runs as a WinApp, in
DOS Merge under UNIX, in a DESQview window, on a Mac under SoftPC, or in a DOS
window under OS/2.

A more complete product description and additional release information on
Personal Calendar is contained in file DESCRIBE.DOC, and within the Users
Manual once the program is in operation.

Personal Calendar is distributed on a diskette, or on a Bulletin Board System
(BBS) for downloading. Personal Calendar is packaged in a PKZIP
"authenticated" compressed archive file.

The file has one of two forms: a self extracting archive (EXE) or a normal
archive file (ZIP), named as follows --

PCAL1462.EXE Self-extracting ZIP file [diskette version]
or PCAL1462.ZIP Normal ZIP file [BBS version]

The number within the archive filename corresponds to the version number, in
this case 14.62. (On CompuServe and ZiffNet, the file is named PERCAL.ZIP,
with no version number.) You need PKWARE's PKUNZIP program (version 2.04g or
later) to extract the product from the ZIP file. You need nothing extra to
extract from the EXE file. There is no difference in the contents of either

Here's a simple example of installation from the archive to a directory on your
disk drive, which works for either a shareware or registered (licensed) copy of
Personal Calendar, and is the same for a new installation or an update.

If you already have an older version in the destination directory,
you will update PC, and preserve all of your appointments and options.
Updates are always automatically "upward-compatible"!

In the following example, from a diskette, A: is the floppy drive. For the BBS
download example, E:\ZIP is the directory to where you downloaded. In both
cases, D: is the destination drive, and \CALENDAR is the subdirectory to which
Personal Calendar is to be installed. Vary these values to suit your

Either copy the BBS ZIP file from your download directory, or insert the
distribution diskette in your floppy drive and enter the following commands
from the DOS prompt (-O is the letter "o" to overwrite existing files of the
same name):

DOS Command What it does
~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
D: Change to the target drive
MD \CALENDAR If needed, make Personal Calendar's directory
CD \CALENDAR Change to Personal Calendar's directory

/ COPY A:*.* Copy all files from the diskette and
\ PCAL1462 -O install from PCAL1462.EXE
or or
/ COPY E:\ZIP\PCAL1462.ZIP Copy ZIP file from download directory and
\ PKUNZIP PCAL1462 -O install from PCAL1462.ZIP

CAL Run the program

After installation, when you're satisfied PC is working, be sure to ALWAYS
store a copy of the PCAL1462.EXE or .ZIP archive file, just in case anything
happens to your disk. If you give PC to someone or upload it to a BBS, you
*must* give the original PCAL1462.EXE or .ZIP file only.

To run PC, at the DOS prompt, type --


If under DOS 2, you must be in Personal Calendar's directory when you run the

If under DOS 3 or later, PC may be run from any directory, either by including
the directory in your DOS PATH statement, or by including the drive and
directory name in front of the CAL command. For example:

PATH {your other directories ...} ;D:\CALENDAR;

If you have a laptop, you might get a better presentation with PC's monochrome


In a DOS window under OS/2, use the following option:


The User's Manual for Personal Calendar is implemented as context-sensitive
help, and may be consulted at any time from within the program by pressing F1
(function key 1), or by selecting "Help" from the Main Menu.

Additionally, while viewing the manual, you may also print it by pressing the *
or PRINT key on your keyboard; or you can press F9 to write it to a completely
formatted text file, which is then named CAL.DOC.

New features in recent versions of Personal Calendar are documented in the
HISTORY.DOC file, which may be printed from DOS with the PRINT command.

If you are going to install Personal Calendar in its memory resident (TSR) mode
of operation, place the CAL command in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. If you use any
of the following types of software, place the CAL command in AUTOEXEC.BAT,
positioned as follows:

AFTER a disk cache,
mouse driver, and
LAN workstation services software *

and BEFORE a permanent menu system or shell

If you then want to activate PC from your menu or shell, configure your menu to
run the program CALPOPUP.COM. Then configure PC's Memory-Resident Options so
Automatic Pop Down is enabled, and Automatic Startup enabled with the name of
your appointment file. * Note to LANTASTIC users: Lantastic 5.0 is compatible
with this product only if you obtain and apply the SERVTSR.EXE correction,
available from Artisoft.

Loading Under Windows: PC will run under Microsoft Windows 3 as a DOS
task, but TSR features are disabled. Windows PIF and ICO files are furnished
for your convenience. PC will not automatically task-switch on an alarm. In
enhanced mode, the supplied PIF file assigns Shift-Ctl-F10 as a default
short-cut key to activate PC from a background state (similar to the TSR mode's
default hot key).

Loading Before Windows: PC may also be loaded before Windows 3 in TSR
mode, is entirely functional as a TSR, but will not pop up over Windows.

DESQVIEW (DV) OPERATION. Although PC will run under DV as a TSR, it doesn't
really make much sense to do so, thus it's recommended to run it normally. In
the background, alarms and warnings "sound through" to the foreground window,
slowed by multitasking. No automatic window switching takes place. File
PC-PIF.DVP is provided for you to use as a DESQview Program Information File
(PIF), with some included key parameters:

Memory Size (in K): 295
Max Memory Size (in K): 640

Max Expanded Memory Size (in K): 640 (if using EMS swapping as a TSR)
Text Pages: 1
Graphics Pages: 0
Writes text directly to screen: Y
Displays graphics information: N
Virtualize text/graphics (Y,N,T): T
Close on exit (Y,N,blank): N (if using DOS shell or TSR mode)
Uses its own colors: Y

See file PACKING.LST for a description and purpose of each installation file.

You may try Personal Calendar for a 30-day period on an evaluation basis at no

If you continue to use the program after the evaluation period, please purchase
the product and pay the $35 license fee ($15 for upgrades to existing
registrations) plus shipping and applicable sales tax (VA only). For credit
card orders, call 800-242-4775 (Australian customers,

call (02) 519-4233), from CompuServe's Shareware Registration Service (!GO
SWREG, items #280 and #510), or online through the VOR or MB BBSs (see below).
For upgrade or site license information and quantity discounts, see file

To order by mail, fill out the ORDER FORM and mail it with your payment to the
address shown (include shipping and tax if applicable). You can print the
ORDER FORM (file ORDER.FRM) from Personal Calendar at any time by pressing F8.
Specify 3" or 5" diskettes, and spell your name for your license.

When we receive your registration order and payment, we'll send you a diskette
with your personal registration file CALSER.DAT, the latest copy of the
program, and a printed copy of the users manual. As a bonus, we'll also send
you information on various special offers, and selected utilities.

The registered version suppresses all registration reminders and order prompts,
and lets you optionally suppress the startup screen. To enable the registered
mode, simply copy file CALSER.DAT from the diskette to the directory in which
you have installed the program file CAL.EXE.

If you're updating from an earlier version of Personal Calendar, make sure your
CALSER.DAT file stays in the installation directory. If we've supplied you
with a newer CALSER.DAT file, make sure you use the latest one.

Please DO NOT modify the contents of CALSER.DAT, as doing so will invalidate
the registration data it contains.

Personal Calendar may be distributed under the terms of the LIMITED
DISTRIBUTION LICENSE contained in file LICENSE.DOC. BBS SysOps please consult
file SYSOP.DOC for our policy on distribution of Personal Calendar by BBS.
Disk Vendors and user groups please consult file VENDOR.DOC.

You may not distribute the CALSER.DAT registration file to anyone not covered
by your software license.

Enjoy Personal Calendar! We welcome discussion of this product or any related
topic, if you are interested. Contact us by mail, CompuServe mail, or phone as
shown at the top of this file. The latest version of Personal Calendar may be
obtained from your favorite disk vendor, or on the BBSs shown below. We make a
point of placing recent and major upgrades on these boards, and when released,
they are available there for download:




or on the following EXCELLENT support bulletin boards --

(703) 323-6423 & -1782 (707) 778-8944 & -8841
Doug Sylvester, SysOp Vern & Julie Buerg, SysOps
Userid "PC CAL", ("OPEN ORDER" to Register)
Password "FUNSTUFF"

(703) 680-9269 (718) 837-3236 (916) 727-3007
Bruce Jackson, SysOp Jay Caplan, SysOp Jim Thompson, SysOp
("PC" Conference) (Main Conference) ("Pers Calendar" Conference)

and to contact me by Internet: [email protected]
or: [email protected]


PLEASE NOTE! You can be SURE you have received an authentic copy
of Personal Calendar ONLY if the following message appears after
extracting any, every, and all files from this archive. Please contact
us if the exact authentication signature does not appear! Version 2.04g
of PKUNZIP is required to reveal the authentication data; this is
automatic for a self-extracting archive.)

Inflating: CAL.EXE -AV <-- "-AV" appears on EVERY file

Authentic files Verified! # NPU161 <-- this is the signature
Paul Munoz-Colman ~~~~~~
(the number must show exactly as above)

The contents of this archive are as follows (note the size and CRC-32 value on
file README.DOC will not be correct):


PKZIP (R) FAST! Create/Update Utility Version 2.04g 02-01-93
Copr. 1989-1993 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved. Registered Version
PKZIP Reg. U.S. Pat. and Tm. Off. Patent No. 5,051,745

80486 CPU detected.
EMS version 4.00 detected.
XMS version 3.00 detected.

Searching ZIP: PCAL1462.ZIP - Personal Calendar (Executable), Version 14.62

Length Method Size Ratio Date Time CRC-32 Attr Name
------ ------ ----- ----- ---- ---- -------- ---- ----
117261 DeflatX 115813 2% 10-07-93 10:07 511293ae --w- CAL.EXE
21280 DeflatX 3225 85% 10-07-93 10:07 39e3271f --w- CALERROR.DAT
83120 DeflatX 21241 75% 10-07-93 10:07 6b0cc72b --w- CALHELP.DAT
4706 DeflatX 1715 64% 10-07-93 10:07 899b0b21 --w- CALINIT.DAT
4114 DeflatX 1333 68% 10-07-93 10:07 c8528469 --w- CALNAMES.DAT
12 Stored 12 0% 10-07-93 10:07 3560c47a --w- CALPOPUP.COM
294 DeflatX 259 12% 10-07-93 10:07 2483ba9a --w- CALREMOV.COM
766 DeflatX 167 79% 10-07-93 10:07 9983c5e7 --w- CAL.ICO
545 DeflatX 161 71% 10-07-93 10:07 bef390c8 --w- CAL.PIF
416 DeflatX 122 71% 10-07-93 10:07 d38f0598 --w- PC-PIF.DVP
5606 DeflatX 2078 63% 10-07-93 10:07 b636ea1c --w- ORDER.FRM
10212 DeflatX 4286 59% 10-07-93 10:07 6eaf326c --w- DESCRIBE.DOC
20315 DeflatX 7702 63% 10-07-93 10:07 6327f0fc --w- HISTORY.DOC
21733 DeflatX 7822 65% 10-07-93 10:07 9e98a75a --w- LICENSE.DOC
13339 DeflatX 4791 65% 10-07-93 10:07 5395bb95 --w- REGISTER.DOC
13362 DeflatX 5397 60% 10-07-93 10:07 27db2889 --w- SHARWARE.DOC
3129 DeflatX 1443 54% 10-07-93 10:07 2823ad6b --w- SYSOP.DOC
4176 DeflatX 1792 58% 10-07-93 10:07 8d0d620a --w- VENDOR.DOC
382 DeflatX 289 25% 10-07-93 10:07 b13de2d4 --w- FILE_ID.DIZ
3557 DeflatX 1521 58% 10-07-93 10:07 4aa1558c --w- PACKING.LST
17188 DeflatX 6758 61% 10-07-93 10:07 18f79515 --w- README.DOC
------ ------ --- -------
345513 187927 46% 21

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