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B&B SaleLead is a database management system that will manage your letters and marketing information. It provides data files for centralizing and automating this information.
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B&B SaleLead is a database management system that will manage your letters and marketing information. It provides data files for centralizing and automating this information.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONFIG.SYS 22 22 stored
ERROR.TXT 7296 1281 deflated
EXTRNOTE.FRM 1990 883 deflated
GENERAL.FRM 1990 1136 deflated
LETTER.FRM 1990 1085 deflated
MISC.FRM 1990 858 deflated
README.1ST 9600 3623 deflated
REP.FRM 1990 1233 deflated
SALELEAD.DOC 138624 39437 deflated
SALELEAD.EXE 357616 168285 deflated
SALELEAD.OVL 36800 15723 deflated
SALES.FRM 1990 1033 deflated
SIC.FRM 1990 791 deflated
TICKLER.FRM 1990 706 deflated
UPGRADE.DBF 1218 378 deflated
UPGRADE.DBT 513 305 deflated
UPGRADEC.NDX 1024 283 deflated
UPGRADEL.NDX 1024 290 deflated
UPGRADEZ.NDX 1024 283 deflated
UPGRADIR.DBF 131 70 deflated
UPGRAEN.DBF 2324 325 deflated
UPGRAGE.DBF 2560 582 deflated
UPGRANAM.NDX 1024 367 deflated
UPGRAREP.DBF 219 82 deflated
UPGRAREP.NDX 1024 398 deflated
WEDIT.EXE 91888 37617 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

You can now safely copy ALL files from an upgraded version of B&B SaleLead to
your disk. All file renaming and updating will be handled automatically as
soon as you enter 'SALELEAD'.

B&B SaleLead will automatically upgrade to the newest file version whenever it
detects an older version AND the existence of the upgrade files.

1. Put New B&B SaleLead files on a disk in A:
2. Hard disk users: Change directory to location of B&B SALELEAD (CD\SALELEAD)
AND copy all files to this directory (eg. C:>COPY A:*.*)
2. Floppy disk users: COPY any .EXE and documentation type files to Current
System disk in B: (eg. B:>COPY A:*.exe).
Put Data disk in B: and Copy All other files to data disk.

B&B SALELEAD version 2.3 changes

Erase file config.mem (installation set-up values), if errors are incurred at

Copy the new files to your SaleLead disks/directory, EXCEPT ANY .dbf files.
DBF files contain data that you may have already added. If you were to copy
ALL new files over your old files, the empty .dbf files would be copied over
your .dbf files already containing data).

1. The SaleLead.dbf file has been changed. The changes are:REDUCTION in size
of the remarks from 79 characters to 69 characters (the last 10 characters
will be lost in conversion), and the ADDITION of a field for COMMISSION
dollars that may have been+++ paid to a Sales Representative.

If your documentation and your edit/add screens DO NOT indicate the
existence of a COMMISSIONS field, you .dbf needs to be upgraded to the
newest salelead.dbf format. The salelead.dbf included in this set of files
is the newest format. B&B SaleLead will do this conversion for you if you
copy salelead.dbf onto your disk/directory under the name upgrade.dbf
(eg. COPY A:salelead.dbf C:\Salelead\upgrade.dbf).


2. There are more Letter Set-up values and an option to accept all previously
defined values, with one keystroke. (In order to have the NEW letter set-up
values saved in the memory file, ERASE the file called config1.mem).

3. Three new files have been added. Two are:Rep.dbf & Repcode.ndx. These
files store your sales staff's Sales Representative names and phone
numbers. The reason for adding this information is to allow the option to
print Sales Rep names on the sales letters, instead of a generic closing
in the ENding letter. The Rep name printed on letters is dependent on the
Rep/Territory code on the Sales Lead records.

4. The third file is a new extrnote.frm file, and is meant to provide an
easy way to print the Extra Notes made for Sales Leads. This can be
ignored if the Extra Notes feature is not used extensively. It is
provided for the convenience of anyone who needs this reporting capability,
but does not have dBaseIII (or doesn't want to use dBaseIII) to develop a
.frm file for reporting this data.

5. Improved [E]dit mode allows 'paging through' records with PgUp and PgDn keys,
AND direct printing of a letter from the editing mode.

6. Improved [R]eport option will now allow a choice between printing labels OR
LETTERS. The advantage with printing letters here is being able to utilize
the 'screening' options to select records for printing.

7. On-line help expanded.

8. When printing many letters, F-10 will exit if you desire to terminate

9. A Form letter option has been added to allow printing of FORM letters based
REGARDLESS of any Product/Service Interest codes on the individual Sales
Lead record.

10. The name of the letter set-up values file has been changed from
config1.mem to ltrsetup.mem.

11. A feature has been added for users with printers having two paper feed
trays (such as HP Laserjet 500+). You can now have letterhead fed from
the top tray for page 1 of the letter, and plain bond paper fed from
the bottom tray for subsequent pages. In order to use this feature,
you will need to erase any config.mem or configa.mem files, and re-install.

12. If your current word processor cannot load into memory because it is too
large to fit in memory, or you don't have a word processor, the file
WEDIT.EXE has been included in your package to use as a simplified word
processor for the Extra Notes feature. You do not have to enter WEDIT in
the installation process, because it is the default name. Upon entering
'Extra Notes', WEDIT will run, and you can start entering text. Use the
ESC key to see the functions that are available. Ctrl-W will save, Ctrl-Q
will abandon your file.

13. Label printing allows the Nth sampling technique, whereby you can elect to
skip 9 records, and print only every 10th, or every 20th label for
sampling purposes.

14. SaleLead.Ovl + SaleLead.Dbc files are sometimes included with the
SaleLead.Exe file for low memory (<640K) or machines that are using memory
for other functions (TSR - Terminal and Stay Resident programs).
If they aren't included, the salelead.exe is all you need, as long as you
have most of your 640K available. The main difference, besides being able
to fit in memory, is that the SaleLead versions with .EXE, .OVL and .DBC
files are slightly slower because the .OVL file has to be transferred into
memory when needed.
B&B SALELEAD version 2.4 changes 4-1-88

1. Greater flexibility has been added for selecting records. 'Flexi-Select'
is a feature that provides a list of all data fields and prompts you to
select 'conditions' for each field. For example, you can select only
those records that have a COMPANY NAME = 'ACME'. Or, you can select to
string your selections together like: COMPANY NAME = 'ACME' AND ZIP='61'.
Flexi-Select is available in the EDIT, REPORT, and MAINTENANCE (deletion)

In addition, once you make your selection, it will be saved in a separate
data base called FSelect.dbf. And when you use Flexi-Select, you will see
all previously defined Flexi-Selections, and can use them over and over.

2. Zip Code expanded to 10 characters long for those wishing to use ZIP+4
with a dash.

B&B SALELEAD version 2.5 changes 4-15-88

1. Choose between printing just the FIRST name of the contact in the letter
greeting, just the LAST name, or BOTH.

2. You can select the Greeting wording, 'DEAR xxxxx:', 'DEAR DR. xxxx' or

3. The upgrading process was simplified, so that you can safely copy ALL
files from an upgrade version to your disk (without fear of overwriting
existing data base files, and your data). This was accomplished by naming
all upgrade files: upgra????. B&B SaleLead renames them for you
automatically. The only old file versions you may wish to retain are
any .FRM files you may have revised.

B&B SALELEAD version 2.6 changes 4-30-88
1. On some monochrome systems, the FLEXI-SELECT screen wasn't displayed.
B&B SALELEAD version 2.7 changes 6-28-88
1. LABELS- The Nth sampling process was not consistent.

2. Improved control over vertical spacing of labels - allowing closer spacing,
down to zero lines between labels.

3. Faster label printing speed.

4. Default to Zip Code Sort more consistent.

5. 'PAUSE PAGE' message no longer prints on label stock.

6. Added features such as: Ability to print three lines of text above label,
and indent the label name/address/city information. This feature was
incorporated not just for labels, but can be used to produce self-mailers/
postcards by using the three text lines for the return address.

7. Export/Import Capability now includes Lotus 1-2-3 WKS files.

8. Portions of the main system file (salelead.exe) have been put into
a separate SALELEAD.OVL file.
This was done to allow owners of 360K floppy disks machines to continue
to use B&B SaleLead by putting the OVL file on B:. The only impact on
hard drive users is some sacrifice in speed due to more disk accesses
when initializing, and accessing help menus. A singular, complete .EXE
file is available on request.

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