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Clarion DBMS Quick-Reference Help demo. Comprehensive.
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Clarion DBMS Quick-Reference Help demo. Comprehensive.
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Contents of the README file

This is the "readme" text file for the demonstration version of
Swiftlook 1-2 (tm) for the Clarion Professional Developer.
This demo version package contains the following files-
* 1. This "readme" file.
* 2. Tutorial.doc -- a short tutorial about using the product.
* 3. Order.doc -- order form for the full version.
4. Help.exe -- the program that drives the demo version
data manual.
5. Sldemo.dpc -- the demo version data manual.
6. Demo1.bat and Demo2.bat -- DOS batch command files used
in the tutorial (see 2. above).
7. Swift.cla -- a test file for use with the tutorial (see
2. above).

* ASCII text files.

Note: Clarion and Professional Developer are trademarks of Clarion Software

Copyright Notice
This demo package is in the public domain. Please copy this package, give
it to your friends and make it widely available. However, the help.exe
program on this disk is NOT in the public domain -- it is copyrighted by
Flambeaux Software, Inc. You can only distribute help.exe for the purpose of
demonstrating the use of Swiftlook 1-2.

What is Swiftlook 1-2?
Swiftlook 1-2(tm) for the Clarion Professional Developer covers the
Clarion Language, Utilities, and Report Writer. It references both versions
2.0 and 2.1 of Clarion. Updates will be available for batch releases.
The data manuals are extensively cross referenced -- so that you can find
what you want as easily as possible. The cross references (or "hyperlinks")
are levels of information. At the first level there are Menu's -- which are
like a book's table of contents. Then there are Indexes. Thirdly, there are
the pages or screens of detail information about specific Clarion features,
language elements, or other information. Finally, the three levels cross
reference to the other levels and within their own level.

The full version of Swiftlook 1-2(tm)
There are two complete programs in the full Swiftlook 1-2 (tm) package.
One uses 65 KB of computer memory (the same as this demo version). The other
program uses only 21 KB.
Other features are-
Configurable hot keys. Lookup key words from editor or DOS command
line. Auto lookup and extensive cross referencing.
License covers using on any computer, including a laptop.
Easy installation.
Desqview, other TSR's and application program compatible.

Save time, space, and effort with Swiftlook 1-2 (tm).
Nothing extra to buy.
Price: US $ 59.95 (includes postage and handling in USA or Canada).
Compare the features. Compare the price!

System Requirements
IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2, or any compatible computer.
DOS 2.0 or later.
CGA, EGA, VGA, or monochrome monitor.
65 KB of conventional memory.

Data Manuals
The data files contained in this package are the product of Peter Clark.

CLARION SOFTWARE has kindly granted permission to Peter Clark to use the
Clarion Professional Developer manual references and general layout.

Help Engine
The program "help" engine provided with this product and in this
package is copyrighted material. It is the product of Flambeaux
Software, Inc.


The program and data file contained in this package are provided "as
is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including,
but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness
for a particular purpose. The entire risk related to the quality and
performance of the programs and data files is on you. In the event
there is any defect or failure, you assume the entire cost of all
necessary servicing, repair, or correction. In no event will Peter Clark
be liable to you for any damages (including lost data, lost profit, lost
savings, or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the
use of or inability to use such programs and data files even if Peter Clark,
or his agent, has been advised of the possibility of such damages) or for
any claim by any other party.

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