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Account Manager 1.3 -- Time usage tracking program for Windows 3.1.
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Account Manager 1.3 — Time usage tracking program for Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Account Manager 1.3 -- Time usage tracking program for Windows 3.1
(C) 1993-1994 Winnovation

(Version 1.3 adds the capability to track when applications are
activated and deactivated, not just opened and closed. This gives
the capability to track which applications are being used for how
much time.)

Do you...

* Charge your time to different projects?
* Bill to multiple clients?
* Need to track your computer time usage for the IRS?
* Have a need to track your time for any other reason?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Account Manager
is for you!

Account Manager is a tool for Windows 3.1 designed to track your time
as you move from project to project, or account to account. No more
guesswork! You simply "punch in" to each project or account as you
begin working on it, and "punch out" when you are through...then,
when you need a summary of your time, Account Manager will create one
for you in seconds! Many different report types are available for
your convenience.

Your time is valuable...that's why your list of projects is never
more than one mouse click away. No fumbling through menus for simple
tasks such as punching in and out!

Account Manager can automatically punch in or out or activate itself
when other applications start or close! This is fully configurable
by the user, of may never have to manually punch in or
out again!

For those who cannot stay in Windows all of the time, Account Manager
includes a flexible DOS interface to allow you to punch in/out from
the DOS command line. Don't be limited by Windows-only tools!

Registration is $24.95 for a single copy, and site licenses are
available at a discount. Upon registration, you will receive a disk
with the latest version of Account Manager, a printed manual, and a
license statement with your personal serial number and registration
code combination. Registered users will receive free unlimited
technical support and free upgrades to versions 1.x of Account
Manager, and future updates will be available at a significant

To register, fill out ORDERFRM.TXT and send to the address given there,
or for credit card orders, FAX to (303) 226-8682.

For more information, contact

PO Box 271071
Ft. Collins, CO 80527-1071
(303) 226-8682

CompuServe: 71774,605
Internet: [email protected]

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