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Good Quotation Tracking and Invoice Generation Program.
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Good Quotation Tracking and Invoice Generation Program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLIENTS.DAT 1709 700 deflated
CLIENTS.K01 1024 170 deflated
CLIENTS.MEM 1798 476 deflated
COMPANY.DAT 854 416 deflated
COMPANY.K01 1024 26 deflated
CONFIG.SYS 20 20 stored
DELTUT.BAT 75 51 deflated
INVNTORY.DAT 2714 911 deflated
INVNTORY.K01 1024 163 deflated
INVNTORY.MEM 5126 324 deflated
ITEM_ORD.DAT 1707 418 deflated
ITEM_ORD.K01 1024 101 deflated
ORDERS.DAT 2761 771 deflated
ORDERS.K01 1024 50 deflated
ORDERS.K02 1024 144 deflated
ORDERS.K03 1024 62 deflated
ORDERS.K04 1024 55 deflated
ORDERS.MEM 262 60 deflated
PAYMETHD.DAT 337 165 deflated
PAYMETHD.K01 1024 135 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 6648 2177 deflated
SAS.DOC 44520 13323 deflated
SAS.EXE 381394 147012 deflated
SASHELP.HLP 25565 7347 deflated
TERMS.DAT 263 132 deflated
TERMS.K01 1024 105 deflated
TYPEORD.DAT 165 110 deflated
TYPEORD.K01 1024 52 deflated
VENDORS.DAT 1413 599 deflated
VENDORS.K01 1024 107 deflated
VENDORS.MEM 774 107 deflated

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Contents of the REGISTER.DOC file


SAS is Copyright (C) 1989, 1990 by Software Innovations.

SAS is not, nor has ever been, public domain or free software.

SAS is distributed under the SHAREWARE software concept.

Non-registered users of SAS are granted a limited license to use SAS
for an evaluation period (not more than 30 days), in order to determine
if it will suit their needs. Any other use of SAS or use past this
evaluation period requires registration.

A registered copy of SAS must be treated like a book, in that the
same registered copy of SAS may not be used in more than one com-
puter at the same time.

All users are granted a limited license to copy the SHAREWARE VERSION
of SAS only for the purpose of allowing others to try it, subject to
the above restrictions as well as:

SAS must be distributed in absolutely unmodified form,
including ALL program, documentation, and other files.
(This is can be accomplished by distributing the SASYSTEM.EXE
self-extracting SHAREWARE installation file.)

Bulletin Board system operators may post SAS on their BBS for
downloading by their users without written permission only if the
above condition is met (or a ZIP'ed version of the same),
and only if no special fee is necessary to access the SAS file
(a general fee to access the BBS is permitted).


Registering SAS allows you to use the product after the evaluation
period. Registered SAS users will receive a printed documentation
manual, the latest version of SAS (with all SHAREWARE screens removed),
access to our telephone support line, and notification of all program
updates and enhancements by First Class mail. Most importantly,
registered users know they are helping to make sure that high-quality
software like SAS continues to be sold in this low-cost way.

The SAS registration fee is $69.00 (U.S. Funds)
We accept Checks, Money Orders, MasterCard and Visa.

An evaluation disk with the current copy of SAS on it is available
for $12. This is to be used to try out SAS, and does not include
registration. The fee covers the cost of postage, diskette(s),
and handling.

Remit to: Software Innovations
18631 N. 19th Avenue
Suite #128-240
Phoenix, Arizona 85027

Qty Item Price Total

___ SAS Registration.................. @ $69 ea. $________
(includes registration, latest disk(s),
phone support, and update information)

___ SAS evaluation disk(s)............. @ $12 ea. $________
(includes program and manual
on disk, but not registration)


Subtotal $________

Less Volume Discount (see below) $(________)

Arizona residents please add 6.7% Sales Tax $________

Shipping and Handling $ FREE

Total Registration Fee $________


Payment by: ( )Check ( )Money Order ( )MasterCard ( )Visa

Name: _________________________________________________________

Company: _________________________________________________________

Address #1: _________________________________________________________

Address #2: _________________________________________________________

Day Phone: (______)_______________ Eve Phone: (______)______________

Credit Card #: ______________________________________________________

Exp. Date: _________________________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________________

Where did you obtain SAS?


Comments or suggestions:










Any business, corporate, government, or other institutional use of
SAS must be registered. Volume discounts and site licenses are available.

The order form on the previous page may be used to purchase multiple
copies of SAS, with discounts as follows:

1 - 10 copies no discount
11 - 20 copies 10% discount
21 - 50 copies 15% discount
51 - 100 copies 22% discount
101 - 200 copies 30% discount
200+ copies 40% discount

Purchases of up to 50 copies are bulk purchases and include that
many copies of SAS on disk, as with single registrations. Purchases
of 51 or more copies are site licenses. Software Innovations will
then provides a master copy of SAS and the appropriate number of
diskette labels. The licensee is responsible for copying the disks.

The name on the order form is considered the contact and is the ONLY
person with whom all correspondence will be allowed.

Note: All prices and discounts are subject to change without notice.
Discounts apply only to separate orders, they are not cumulative.

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