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Numbering Plan Area - a comprehensive directory of telephone area codes and exchanges.
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Numbering Plan Area – a comprehensive directory of telephone area codes and exchanges.
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Contents of the BRAND.DOC file


Field Registration Program


(C) Copyright 1991-93

The PC Consultant
P.O. Box 42086
Houston TX 77242-2086
Ph. 713/826-2629 (v-mail no answer)
CIS 73670,1164

The included brand utility lets you remove the nag screen that appears
after NPA executes. When you register NPA, you'll receive two
registration keys that will enable Brand to stamp your copy as registered.

You can register by mail by sending a check or money order or by telephone
using your Visa or MasterCard. If you register by mail, we will send you
a receipt containing the registration keys. If you register by telephone,
I will issue the keys immediately so as to speed your order then follow up
by sending a receipt with the keys.

For details on registering, please see the LICENSING section near the
bottom of the NPA.DOC file.

Once you have received the registration keys, you're ready to use the
brand utility. Please do a 'CD' command to change your current default
directory to where you have the NPA data base files stored then execute
the brand utility with no arguments.

Brand will ask for your Assigned Registration Name. This name must be
entered exactly as issued by the PC Consultant. All characters are case
and position sensitive. Actually, you'll tell the PC Consultant what name
to use and it will be reissued back to you containing all proper
capitalization, spaces, and punctuation.

Brand will then ask for both registration numbers. Enter those as they
are asked. Do not include spaces when entering the numbers.

If you entered everything correctly, Brand will create the license file
and indicate success, otherwise an error message is printed. If you
receive an error, go over your input again paying close attention to how
you entered the name. Remember, it must EXACTLY match the registration
name specified by the PC Consultant.

If the brand program indicates success but you still get the nag screen
when using NPA, then one (or more) of the following may be wrong:

1. Make sure the file "license.dat" is in the SAME directory
that contains the NPA data base files. The NPA data base
files all have a file name of "NPA_DATA" followed by a two
character extension. You must have this directory current
when using the brand utility.

2. Make sure NPA can find the data base files. As detailed in
NPA.DOC, the recommended way is to use the NPA_DATA
environment variable. See "NPA_DATA environment variable"
in the NPA.DOC file.

Thats it! You now have a registered and personalized copy! Thank you for

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