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Rolodex is a computer rolodex file storer. Stores names, addresses, Phone #s and more. Includes Clarion source code.
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Rolodex is a computer rolodex file storer. Stores names, addresses, Phone #s and more. Includes Clarion source code.
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Contents of the README file

Rolodex.exe is (as the name implies) a computer rolodex
file. It was written in Clarion for a client. I uploaded it
in both source and executable to demonstrate how impressive
the Clarion Database System is. This program took all of
about 4 hours to write and debug.

Rolodex allows you to enter, update and delete entries based
on last name or company name. It produces master list(s)
based on both criteria. It does not however produce Rolodex
cards. What it does do is produce a merge file (ROL.OUT)
that can be used with Microsoft Word (or any word processor)
to produce the cards. The reason for this is that the
person for whom this program was written wanted it that way.
Adding code to produce cards is maybe a 15 minute job.

This program is a table based system, that is you use
tables to find your data. When its found, a form (one or
more) is displayed showing all the fields associated with
that record.

The keys you need to know to run Roledex are as follows:

Enter - Menus -selects current menu item (highlighted)
Forms - ends field entry, at last field saves data
to file.

Escape - Menu - selects previous menu
from first menu exits program

Forms - moves up on field, at top field exits form
without changing data

Ctrl Escape - Exits form without changing data (from any
field on form)

Ctrl Enter - Updates data from any field and moves to next
form (if any) or returns to table

Insert - Adds new records to a table and moves to
update form.

Delete - Deletes current record (highlighted) from a

That's the six keys you need to know to run any program
based on Clarion.

Clarion discounted costs about $525 and allows you to
develop programs that do not need a runtime. I downloaded
the Clarion Tutorial here at PC-Rockland, was very impressed
with it and bought the package.

The Rolodex source code is about 2000 lines. 90% of it was
generated by Clarion Designer. All in all, Clarion is a
great package.

Bruce Boardman
SuperBlock Software
(914) 942-1532

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