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A complete VCR librarian. Many nice features, easy-to-use.
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A complete VCR librarian. Many nice features, easy-to-use.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

To print the documentation file, use COPY VCRTAPES.DOC LPT1.

To start the program, simply enter "VCRTAPES" from the DOS prompt. There
are two possible color combinations. The default has a black background.
A different color scheme with a gray background can be selected by entering
"VCRTAPES 1". If you have a monochrome monitor on a CGA card, first try
"VCRTAPES" or "VCRTAPES 1". If either of these options cause problems,
enter "VCRTAPES B". The B switch forces black & white mode.

Refer to the documentation for instructions on how to define your printer
to the program. To tell the program what codes are needed to control
the various features, a DOS file called PRINTER.CFG is needed. This is
called a Configuration File. Users with Epson LQ-2500 users do not need
this file (unless they are on a network) and should delete it.

For other users, sample configuration files are included for NEC PC-8023a
(this works for CITOH 8510 also), HP Laserjet, and IBM Proprinter X24.
If your printer is one of these, you will find an appropriately named
file with an extention of ".CFG". Copy the appropriate file to

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