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The Elite-IMS is a GUI based information management system which incorporates the benefits of client-server technology along with the elegance and ease of Windows based applications. A full featured, 16-line BBS that spor
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The Elite-IMS is a GUI based information management system which incorporates the benefits of client-server technology along with the elegance and ease of Windows based applications. A full featured, 16-line BBS that spor
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Desktop Information Systems
1000 East Campbell Road, Suite 110
Richardson, Texas 75081

Notices/License Agreement... page 1
Packing List... page 4
General Description... page 5
System Features... page 7
Installing The Server... page 8
Installing The Client Interface... page 9

page 1

Elite-IMS Information Service Software (c) Copyright 1991-1992 Desktop
Information Systems, is not public domain software, nor is it free software.

LHA version 2.13 Copyright (c) Haruyasu Yoshizaki, 1988-91 was used to
create all of the included self-extracting files.


GRANT OF LICENSE. Desktop Information Systems grants to you the right, and
encourages you to distribute freely, the file "ELITEIMS.EXE", which contains
ALL the original files included in this distribution in archived format.

Non-registered users are granted a limited license to use Elite-IMS on a
trial basis (30 days) for the purpose of determining whether Elite-IMS is
suitable for their needs. Use of Elite-IMS, except for this limited purpose,
requires registration. Use of non-registered copies of Elite-IMS by any
person, business, corporation, governmental agency or other entity is
strictly prohibited. The files contained in the archived file "CLIENT.EXE",
have NO registration fee associated with them. Use for as long as you wish.
page 2

Registration permits a user the license to use Elite-IMS only on a
single computer; a registered user may use the program on a different
computer, but may not use the program on more than one computer at the
same time.

No user may modify Elite-IMS in any way, including but not limited to
decompiling, disassembling or otherwise reverse engineering the
program. All users are granted a limited license to copy Elite-IMS only
for the trial use of others subject to the above limitations, and also
the following:

a) Elite-IMS (ELITEIMS.EXE) must be copied in unmodified form,
complete with the file containing this license information.

b) The full Elite-IMS documentation must be included with the copy.

c) No fee, charge or other compensation may be accepted or requested
by any licensee.

page 3

d) Elite-IMS may not be distributed in conjunction with any other
product without a specific license to do so from DESKTOP

Operators of electronic bulletin board systems (Sysops) may post
Elite-IMS for downloading by their users only as long as the above
conditions are met.

Distributors of public domain or user supported software may
distribute copies of Elite-IMS subject to the above conditions only
after obtaining written permission from DESKTOP INFORMATION SYSTEMS.
Such permission usually is granted; please write for details.

Use of this software product for any period of time over thirty (30) days
constitutes your assumed acceptance of this agreement and subjects you to
it's contents.

page 4


The following files are included with this distribution:

1) ELITEIMS.EXE... This distribution. Full package; self-extracting.
2) SERVER.EXE... Elite-IMS Server. Requires OS/2 2.0;
3) CLIENT.EXE... Client Interface. Requires Windows 3.x or
WIN-OS/2; self-extracting. Must be used to
access Elite-IMS Server.
4) INSTALL.INF... Installaion instructions for Elite-IMS Server.
OS/2 on-line documentation. (view install)
5) INSTALL.CMD... OS/2 batch file. Invokes install.inf.
6) README.1ST... This file.

page 5


Elite-IMS is state of the art information service software that can be used
for any number of business or personal communications needs.
By using the power of an OS/2 Server and the elegance of a Windows
Client Interface, Elite-IMS can be used for:

1) A business solution, providing information to field and
in-house personnel.
2) A full-featured personal on-line information service for
fun or profit.
3) A communications link for groups or organizations.
4) A consulting tool, allowing clients immediate access to vital
5) Home to Office communications.
6) Teleconferencing and electronic mail.

Several reasons why Elite-IMS excels over other on-line information systems

page 6


A Cost Effective Solution
No need to buy a dedicated computer or expensive communications equipment.
Elite-IMS runs on any standard IBM PC or compatible 386SX or higher.

Background Operation
Run all of your favorite DOS, Windows, or OS/2 programs while Elite-IMS runs
completely in the backgound. You won't even know it's there.

Graphical Interface
Managing an Elite-IMS Server is as easy as using your mouse.

Subscription Based Resource Management
Create a subscription and assign a user or group of users. It's that simple!

Client Server Operation
Take advantage of a pre-emptive bi-directional client server protocol which
allows your users to perform file transfers, mail, and other functions
page 7


Windows Client Interface
Electronic Mail
Up To 128 Forums
Up To 128 Information Sections
Interactive Multi-User Talk
File Transfer
Supports 1 to 16 Lines
Complete System Security
On-line Help
32-bit Performance
Network Capable

page 8


OS/2 2.0
A modem

The complete installation instructions are contained in the on-line
document ""INSTALL.INF".

1) From an OS/2 windowed or full-screen prompt, type the following:

view install.inf

2) Follow the on-line installation and configuration instructions.

page 9


Windows 3.x or WIN-OS/2
A modem

Installation of the Elite-IMS Client Interface is a relatively simple
procedure. Follow the steps given below to insure proper installation of the

1) Create a directory on your hard disk named:


2) Copy the self-extracting file :hp2."CLIENT.EXE":ehp2. into the
"C:\ELITE" subdirectory by typing:

copy CLIENT.EXE C:\ELITE:ehp2.

page 10

3) Go to the C:\ELITE subdirectory by typing:


4) Unarchive the file by typing:


5) Start a Windows or WIN-OS/2 session, and run FILE-NEW,
PROGRAM ITEM from the Program Manager to add the file
"ELITE.EXE" to a Program Manager group.*

Description: Elite-IMS Client
Command Line: C:\ELITE\ELITE.EXE

NOTE: If you are not sure of how to do this, check the Windows
or WIN-OS/2 Online Help utility for details.

6) Follow the Elite-IMS Client Interface on-line help for details
on proper configuration.

================================ end of file ===============================

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