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File Express Version 5.1 - Part 1 of a flat file database manager.
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File Express Version 5.1 – Part 1 of a flat file database manager.
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Contents of the README file

Program name:File Express (tm)
(C) Copyright 1991 Expressware Corporation

Developer : Expressware Corporation
P.O. Box 1800
Duvall, WA 98019
(206) 788-0932 office
(206) 788-4493 fax
(206) 788-4008 BBS
(800) 753-FILE orders only

Price : $99.00

What is File Express?

File Express is a database management program written for the IBM Personal
Computer and PC-compatible computers. Using File Express, information
of virtually any kind can be put into the computer, printed, sorted,
displayed and reported. For example, a list of names and addresses can be
entered, then they can be sorted into zip code sequence or last name
sequence, printed out onto mailing labels, and updated as the list changes.
The same data can be included in reports, or simply displayed on the
computer screen when needed. Customized form letters can also be written
in File Express by merging names from the database file with a letter.

File Express is very popular among first-time database users and non-
technical users. But as File Express has continued to be improved over
the last six years, it has also become very powerful. Some of its early
first-time users have advanced to true "power users" and we have
addressed their needs too, while maintaining the simplicity of the manual
and the software.

Installing File Express

The diskettes included in this package contain compressed files which
must be expanded using the File Express Installation program. To do
this, insert the diskette labelled "Program Disk" into drive A and at
the DOS prompt A>, type INSTALL and press . Then follow the
instructions on the screen.

Once you have installed the program you can use the Information System
to read about the program, Expressware and our other products. The
Information System also includes a Tutorial that can be followed to
learn more about the features of File Express.

To start the Information System, type: INFO for the DOS prompt.

If you have the Documentation Disk, the Installation process will put
FEDOC.EXE and associated documentation files onto your hard disk. These
contain the full User's Guide for File Express. You can view the
manual on screen, chapter by chapter, or print it on your printer.

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