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A-Day v1.00 - electronic calendar, relays quotes of the day.
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A-Day v1.00 – electronic calendar, relays quotes of the day.
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Contents of the MANUAL.TXT file

User Manual for `A-Day' (Version 1.00)
Copyright (c) 1992, 1993 by Tamalpais Technologies. All rights reserved.


Welcome to the world of daily messages. These messages in the paper form
have been around for years, but it has been only the last couple of years
that they have enjoyed increased popularity. `A-Day' is an electronic
version of the paper calendars.

This program should help make your computer a little more fun, your day a
bit lighter, or you a bit smarter. One little tip could dramatically
increase your productivity or give you a fun fact for the next cocktail
party! I hope you enjoy this little program as much as I enjoyed creating

This `A-Day' program that you received comes with one data file, probably
Quotes (Series 1). There are several other data files available for
the `A-Day' (Each file comes with 150 entries).

These include:

Quotes (Series two)
Quotes (Series Three)
"Cliffy" (Fun Facts - Trivia)

Other ideas that we are thinking of creating include:

Historical events (Linked to the calendar)
Computer Tips
Famous Birthday's
Baseball Trivia
Book on Life
etc . . .

(The list is endless) For a list of the latest created databases, call
us at Tamalpais Technologies (415-927-0333).

I enjoyed developing this application and worked hard to make sure it was as
bug free as possible. If you find any bugs, please let us at Tamalpais
Technologies know as soon as possible.


The installation for A-Day is simple:

If you received the program on a floppy and want to install
it on your C: drive, place the floppy in drive A: and type INSTALL.

If you downloaded the file, simply unzip the program into a directory
modify your autoexec.bat directory as discribed below
(or Type INSTALL!).

*Create a directory to hold the A-Day programs:

CD\ (Makes sure you are in the root drive)
MD ADAY (Makes the directory ADAY)
CD ADAY (Changes to the ADAY Directory)

*Copy all the files into the ADAY directory:

COPY A:*.* C:\ADAY ( `A:' should be replaced with the
drive where the files are located)

*Update the your `AUTOEXEC.BAT' file to run A-Day:

Using your favorite ASCII editor, add to the `AUTOEXEC.BAT' file-

CD\ADAY (Changes directory's to A-Day's directory)
ADAY (Runs the ADAY program)
CD\ (Changes directory's back to the root)

That is all there is to it! A-Day is installed.


The A-Day comes with a simple interface. It is designed to be self
explanatory, so I don't plan on going into to much detail here. I will
cover the basics, though.

The program will display a different message each time you activate it.
This means that if you reboot your computer 150 times and there are
150 messages in the data file you are viewing, you will use them all up (no
problem, just order more!)

From the main screen, you can go forward or backward through the messages
by pressing the and keys. You can reset the file to
the beginning of the file by pressing the key.

By pressing , you will get a list of options. These include:

* Print Item

(Prints current item to a printer)

* Add your own items

(Allows you to add own to file)

* Add to `Your Private List'

(Saves the current item to a data file called 'Private'
so you can keep a list of favorites)

* Change Settings

( Allows you change the settings including: Forcing monochrome
colors, blanking out the screen before displaying, and selecting
a new data file)

* About `A-Day'

( Information about the program and Tamalpais Technologies)


Register this product and you will receive:

* The very latest version
* 150 more Quotes, Free!
* Free Technical Support
* Information on other TamTech products
* A printed manual
* A clear conscience!

A-Day is shareware (give one to a friend!), but not freeware. We live
solely on the revenue generated from Shareware sales. Please register the
copy (and pay the fee) if you use it (we do want to eat!)

When you register the copy, Tamalpais Technologies will send you the latest
version. This copy will include all new features developed so far.

The cost is:

A-Day program with 300 Quotes: $14.00
(150 you already have)

Each additional data files: $9.00

(Shipping, handling is $2.00)

To register, please fill out the form below and
send the form and a check, money order, COD order, or cash to:

Tamalpais Technologies
P.O. Box 125
Larkspur, CA 94977

or call (415) 927-0333

Suggestions / Support:

We welcome suggestions for improved features, bugs, and compliments
for A-Day, as well as other programs you'd like to see.

To contact us, write us at the above address, send us a Compuserve Email (to
73257,2166) or call Tamalpais Technologies at (415) 927-0333. We would like
to here from you, so please do write or call us and tell us your compliments,
problems, or new feature ideas.


This software has been tested thoroughly and is believed to be free of
problems, however, software is one of the most complicated kind of product
produced by humans. No person can be absolutely and completely certain that a
piece of complicated software will work in any given machine and environment.
Therefore, you are completely responsible for determining the fitness of this
program and Tamalpais Technologies and it's staff are not liable for
any damages.

Registration Form - A-Day version 1.00

Send to: Tamalpais Technologies
P.O. Box 125
Larkspur, CA 94977



Address 1:

Address 2:

City: State: Zip:

Phone Number:

Disk Size: 5 1/4 3 1/2 (Circle One)

Please send me a the latest version of A-Day (for $14.00), plus one of
the following data files for free (Circle One):

"Cliffy" (Fun Facts) Quotes (Series 1)

Quotes (Series 2)

I already own A-Day, but would like one the following data files
(for $9.00 each) - (Circle all that you are interested in):

"Cliffy" (Fun Facts) Quotes (Series 1)

Quotes (Series 2)

Please include $2.00 for shipping and handling.
Quantity Unit Cost Sub-Total

A-Day program: $14.00 $
(With one free data file)

Other data files $9.00 $

Shipping and handling: $2.00


TOTAL (enclosed): $

What other data files you would like to see TamTech create
in the future?:

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