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Software Inventory Database - MS Windows program that allows you to track software titles using an ACCESS database. Easy to use, fully functional. Requires VBRUN300.DLL. README file has install info and complete descript
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Software Inventory Database – MS Windows program that allows you to track software titles using an ACCESS database. Easy to use, fully functional. Requires VBRUN300.DLL. README file has install info and complete descript
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CRYSTAL.VB_ 15060 14504 deflated
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Download File SOFTINVD.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

Software Inventory Database September 9, 1994

******************************** README.TXT *****************************

This program allows users to track software titles using a Microsoft
Access Database. Entries can be added, modified and deleted.
The database can be searched on various fields and reports can
directed to different outputs (screen, file, and printer).

At any screen in the program you can press F1 to get a Help file. In
addition, a complete HLP file can be accessed via the toolbar, as well as
help for the tab you are currently positioned on.

System Requirements
The Software Inventory Database requires Windows 3.1 or Windows for
Workgroups. A little over 2 Megabytes of disk space is required for
the initial install of the software.
VBRUN300.DLL must be in the Windows directory for this software to run.
It can be downloaded from most BBSs, usually named VBRUN300.ZIP. Without
VBRUN300.DLL the setup process, as well as the program will not run.

Files on Install Disk
These files are compressed on the floppies and will be expanded
during the install process.

REGISTER.TXT Form to register software \SOFTINVD
SOFTINVD.EXE The application program \SOFTINVD
VBDB300.DLL Required for data access features \SOFTINVD
SOFTINVD.HLP application Help file \SOFTINVD
SOFTINVD.MDB A starter Access database \SOFTINVD
CRPE.DLL Interface to the print engine \SOFTINVD
SSDOCKTB.VBX Sheridan custom control \SOFTINVD
SSIDXTAB.VBX Sheridan custom control \SOFTINVD
MSAJR110.DLL Required for data access features \SOFTINVD
MSAES110.DLL Required for data access features \SOFTINVD
SOFTINV1.RPT Report #1 - sorted by Title \SOFTINVD
SOFTINV2.RPT Report #2 - sorted by Category \SOFTINVD
SOFTINV3.RPT Report #3 - sorted by Media \SOFTINVD
SOFTINV4.RPT Report #4 - list all fields \SOFTINVD
README.TXT the file you are reading now \SOFTINVD
REGISTER.TXT Form for registering the program \SOFTINVD
SETUP.EXE Used to install software
SETUP.LST List of files SETUP.EXE needs
SETUP1.EXE Customized install program
SETUPKIT.DLL Needed for Setup process
VER.DLL Contains functions for copying and decompressing files

Quick Install

1. Put Disk 1 in a floppy drive.
2. If not in Windows, start Windows.
3. Within the Program Manager, choose Run from the File menu.
4. Type A:SETUP or B:SETUP depending on what drive is being used.
5. Press ENTER.

The Setup procedure will prompt you through the install process and
will give you the option to name the directory and specify where you
want the software installed.
If you want to manually install the software you will have to expand each
compressed file and create your own Windows program groups.

If you reinstall from the distribution disk(s) the SOFTINVD.MDB will be
overwritten with a one-record "seed" database. To retain the information
that you entered from a revious install, do a backup of the database to
to a floppy, and then restore after the reinstall finishes.

Quick Start:

1. After successfully installing the software in Windows, there will
be a program group established with the Software Inventory Database
icon. Double-click on the icon to start the program.
2. Once the program finishes loading you are presented with a screen
that has the look of index cards with tabs.
3. The index tab labeled "Select Database" allows you to open the
database you want to work with. When you click the "Open Database File"
button, a menu pops up that allows you to select the file you want to
use. Select SOFTINVD.MDB in the directory where the software is
installed and press ENTER.
4. At this point all tabs are available to you and the database can be
manipulated as you like.

Planned for Next Release:

1. Use the new Access database facilities, Version 2.0.
2. Allow for the creation of a new database. Currently a "seed"
database is distributed with the disk(s).
3. Integrate the new Crystal Reports report writer, Version 3.0.
4. Change the Modify/Delete index tab to allow selection of records
in a scrool box, instead if entering a record number.
5. Create a new index tab with a grid displaying records.


John Burl
1410 Calvert Road
Chester, MD 21619-2860

Internet: [email protected]
Rusty and Edie's BBS (216) 726-3619
Windows Online BBS (510) 736-8343

You are urged to register your copy of Software Inventory Database.

A registration form is included on the install disk and can be printed
on any printer. (REGISTER.TXT)


Use this software at your own risk.
There are no warranties, expressed or implied.
In no event shall John Burl be liable for any loss of profit or any
damage incurred because of this product.

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