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Cajun recipes for MealMaster.
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Cajun recipes for MealMaster.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Welcome to the tasty world of Cajun cooking. Take
care, it is totally addictive, and most of the
ingredients are readily available, even up here in
the frozen north.

Just to give the credit where it is due, the recipes
in this file are from a variety of sources. A few
are my own, but the fast majority come from the
cookbooks of Paul Prudhomme, Alex Patout, Justin
Wilson, and the cookbook "Talk About Good,"
published by the Lafayette Junior League.

If you are interested in Cajun Cooking, books by
these authors are a must.

The recipes were collected on the Meal Master Program
version 5.54 and version 6.0. They can be imported to
either version by using the import utility.

I will eventually post another file of Louisiana
recipes. This second file will be called LOUIS1.ZIP
The primary category will be "Louisiana" and the
second catagory will be "Cajun", "Creole", or

Enjoy these fine recipes and if you post this file to
any other BBS's be sure that you include this file to
give the credit where it is due.

I'm happy to have this opportunity to publicly thank
Rich Harper, Sysop of The Cook (104/419), for his
inspiration and encouragement.

Fred Towner of 134/40

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