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BabySitter 1.1 is a program to leave running on your computer for the babysitter.
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BabySitter 1.1 is a program to leave running on your computer for the babysitter.
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The BabySitter (tm) Date 7-10-91
(C) Copyright 1991, Brandyware (r)

Shareware v1.1

Buffers=14 Files included: Written by:
in config.sys 1. Sitter.exe Mike O'Rourke
BW to VGA 2. Sitter.doc

This program is "Shareware" and not public domain, you are encouraged
to give a copy to BBS's, friends, co-workers, & anyone you wish for
evaluation purpose only. If you find this program useful then please
register this version by sending... $20.00 (US currency) to:

Brandyware | BBS # Downloads R US - For updates
24 North Hibbert suite 6 | 602-644-0168
Mesa, AZ 85201 |
Modem NOT required
- Purpose -

This program is intended for ALL parents for whenever you have to
leave a baby sitter in charge of your children.
This program will call you, friends, doctor, police, or any emergency
number. Includes alarms for events throughout the day, activity log,
misc. information, password protection, it will inform the sitter of
activities, address & number of where you will be, what time you will
be home, plus lots more! And one key dialing!

- Getting started -

First off to make sure your baby sitter can not leave the "BabtSitter"
program and drop to DOS it would be best to create a directory for the
"BabySitter" program. To do this go to your ROOT directory and create
a directory called "SITTER" Example: "CD\", then "MD SITTER"
then "CD\SITTER" next copy the program to the "SITTER" directory.
Example: "COPY A:SITTER.EXE C:\SITTER" if you have a hard drive of
course, otherwise just leave it in A: drive.
Next edit your "AUTOEXEC.BAT" by putting this line on the first line
after your PATH whenever you use the "BabySitter"

PATH=C:;C:\DOS Also if you like, add: BREAK OFF
CD \SITTER This will shut off

The program is set up to go directly to the "Sitters Screen" if by
chance the power is shut off and if it's NOT exited correctly by using
the EXIT password.

This program makes use of your MODEM by calling YOU, FRIENDS, WORK,
and many others by the touch of one (1) key.
If by chance you DON'T have a modem, thats okay to! It will still show
your baby sitter the correct number to dial. Plus, it has ALL the
information needed to give you peace of mind while you are away.

- Entering information -

To enter the information needed for the baby sitter to do the job
correctly, just enter the number on the "Configuration Menu" that
you want to add to. Example: To fill in were you are at press <2>
While you are doing this, and are adding info. use the key
to skip any line you don't want to enter. Use the key to
erase any character you want. BUT once you are adding information to
a certain box, you can press at anytime while entering the
information. If you continue to the end you will see "Saved". Even
if you press in the middle of an entry, it will still be saved.

- Password -

This is REQUIRED, you must select a password to go to the "Sitter Screen"
view the activity log, and Exit the program correctly.
You can select any name or combination of letters & numbers you want
up to 7 characters. You MUST exit with the password.

- Modem -

This is NOT required, but does come in handy.
Go to the Password & Modem box and press to setup the modem to your
systems configuration.
It's set by default to: COM port "1", BAUD rate 1200, and Tone phone,
and YES I have a modem.
Please reset it if you don't have a modem, to NO modem just pop-up the
phone number please.

- Sitter Help -

The "BabySitter" has a built in help screen for the baby sitter, by
pressing while at the "Sitter Screen".
Please guide the baby sitter through the complete setup before you
leave the sitter alone with the children.
In case you don't have the time to do this, a pop-up screen appears
for the sitter to examine, and the ONLY way the sitter can shut this
screen off is by scrolling the pages of information and viewing the
help window. After the sitter has done this, the screen will not appear

- Alarms -

To use the alarms, you must enter the time in computer time (24 hour).
Example: 1 thirty am would be: 01:30, 1 thirty pm would be: 13:30
2 thirty am = 02:30 2 thirty pm = 14:30

When the sitter views what time you will be home, it will show 12 hr
mode for her (him).
To shut off the ALARM, just press .

- Activity log -

This will show you every key the sitter pressed while you were gone
and what time the sitter pressed it.
To view the Activity log, you MUST enter the password.
You may erase the log at any time you are viewing it by pressing
for, KILL the activity log and start with a clean slate.

- Exit -

You MUST use the password to exit the "BabySitter"

- Peace of mind -

Well, I've done my part, by giving you more peace of mind while you
are gone. Now PLEASE do your part and register this program if you
use the "BabySitter". This will allow me to continue to create
programs that will benefit you and ME, I'm a Dad too! and I feel alot
better knowing the "BabySitter" is on duty at my home.

- Thank you -

First I would like to thank you in advance for supporting "Shareware".
A try before you buy concept.
What else can you get first to see if you NEED it or not.
A TV, nope! A computer, guess again! A car, dream on!!!
Just "Shareware" software. But for this to continue, and in quality,
you must help us "Shareware" Authors by registering the programs that
you use.

Again... Thank you in advance for supporting "Shareware"

(Author) - Michael O'Rourke

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