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Enter quick notes to yourself in this simple diary manager.
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Enter quick notes to yourself in this simple diary manager.
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Contents of the DIARY.DOC file

DIARY-A quicky program for notes on the fly!

Copyright 1989 Edward T. Hopper

What and why

Recently, I assumed a position as a computer sales person. While I spend a
lot of time out of the office, when I am in the office, the phone calls and
meetings are non-stop. I have to keep track of a lot of little facts. For
a while, my cubicle was littered with post-it notes. After losing some
important ones, I decided I needed something SIMPLE that would allow me to
keep a running diary of events through the day. I didn't want anything as
fancy as a text editor, just something that would let me put a few words
into a file. I didn't even want to have to deal with how to name my

How to use it:
Simply create a subdirectory called "DIARY" on drive C. Then type DIARY.
Diary will create a diary file for each day. The filename format is as


Therefore, the diary file for September 14, 1989 would be:


If you want to put your diary files on a different drive or directory, then
invoke diary this way:

DIARY filespec

for example:


Puts diary files in the D:\NOTES subdirectory. Of course, if you want to
make a permanent change, make a batch file to call DIARY with the
appropriate arguement.

When DIARY is called the first time, it creates the DIARY file. In
addition, a header is placed on the file stating the diary date. Each
individual entry is timestamped and separated by "====".


It's simple, just type. Press carriage return at the end of each line. To
end your entry, press return twice.




The diaries created by DIARY are plain ASCII files. The format is like this:

Diary for :Sep 14, 1989
9:10 PM
Here is a sample entry from DIARY.

9:15 PM
This is the second DIARY entry.

I didn't put a viewing function into DIARY. I suggest a true editor if you
want to change DIARY entries. Otherwise use Vern Buerg's excellent LIST
program to view these ASCII files.


This program is copyright 1989 by Edward T. Hopper. You are free to copy
DIARY for your friends and associates. BBS sysops may post DIARY for
download on their BBS systems. Distributors of shareware and public domain
software may distribute DIARY provided that they obtain written permission
from the author.


If you like DIARY, please register it for a mere $10.00. Send your
contribution to:

Ed Hopper
5506 Beverly Hill #3
Houston, Texas 77056

For support on DIARY, call Ed Hopper's BBS in Houston, Texas at

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