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The Personal Software Librarian – helps you keep track of your software.
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I've always believed that a computer should make life easier, not more
complicated. In keeping with that philosophy of life, the total
documentation for PSL is a mere couple of paragraphs. PSL will keep you in
line as you use it. It automatically generates its own database and index
files. From the main menu, hitting any key other than a valid command key
will display the general help screen. If the program is waiting for you to
enter data or edit an entry, tapping the F1 key will provide specific help
about what it's looking for. ALL command keys are displayed on the opening
screen and are explained on the general help screen.

Don't be afraid to fool around with the program. I've tested it on XT
and AT Clones and have not been able to hang-up the software. There is a
remote possibility that one or more of the index files (those with the
".NTX" extension) will become corrupted. You may notice that programs
which you know you entered do not show on the display. If this happens,
simply delete all the ".NTX" files (DEL *.NTX) and rerun the program. They
will be recreated for you.

Well, that was painless enough, wasn't it. If you've stuck with me this
long, how about reading the following two pages about shareware and show your
appreciation for all the work I've put into writing this program.


PSL is distributed under the shareware marketing concept. It is not
free software and it is not public domain. The documentation, executable
files, and all other files distributed with PSL are the property of Jeffery
S. Hobday.

Shareware is a way of distributing computer software that allows you to
try out a program before you buy it. If the program doesn't meet your
needs, you're under no obligation to pay for it. If you do find the
program useful and wish to continue using it, you are required to pay for
it by sending the completed registration form and payment.

You are granted a limited license to use and examine PSL for 30 days.

Please make copies of PSL and distribute them to others. The following
restrictions apply to all copies which you make and distribute:

O All PSL distribution files must be copied in unmodified form,
including the documentation, help, and executable image files.

O You may not request compensation of any sort for providing the copy.
This restriction does not apply to computer clubs and user
groups who distribute software to their members for a nominal fee.

O You may not distribute PSL with any other product or service without
my written permission.

O PSL may be included on electronic bulletin board systems for
downloading by users of the bulletin board provided the above
restrictions are met.

If you use PSL on a regular basis, you should complete the registration
form at the end of this document and return it along with the indicated
license/registration fee.

There are two types of registration :

1) ($25.00) Registration of current version, as-is. Upon receipt of
your registration fee, I will personalize a copy of the current version of
PSL with your name and send it to you.

2) ($30.00) Registration of current version, and one free upgrade. I
will personalize a copy of the current version of PSL and mail it to you. I
will also personalize a copy of the next version and mail that to you when
it is available.

Additionally, should you report a bug or recommend a change which
results in the upgrading of PSL, I will provide TWO free upgrades to you at
no charge. This is kind of my way of insuring that PSL grows as you grow
and thanking you for taking the time to recommend changes or report


To: J. Stuart Hobday Date: ___/___/___
P.O.Box 812
Mims, Florida 32754-0812

Name _____________________________ Phone ____________

Company _____________________________

Address _____________________________


City _________________ State ________ Zip _________

Check appropriate boxes: Version ___________
|__| Registration - current version only ($25.00)
|__| Registration - current and next version ($30.00)
|__| Single sided disks required
__ __
|__| 3.5" 720K Disk |__| 5.25" 360K Disk
|__| Bug report for version ____________

Your Comments and Recommendations: ____________________________











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