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Various Meal Master recipes. Part 2 of 6.
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Various Meal Master recipes. Part 2 of 6.
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Contents of the MWC1.DOC file

The following table will give the wattages specified in the recipes
included in the file with this note.

Power Level Settings Percent Of Power Output Wattage
High 100% 550
Medium-High 70% 385
Medium 50% 275
Medium-Low 30% 165
Low 10% 55

Those of you with a single setting on your microwave will have to
experiment with the length of time that it takes each dish to cook in your own
Microwave Oven.

This recipe file was created using Meal Master Version 5.54 and can
be incorporated into the program using the import utility. Just import the
file and it will ask you if you want to include it in the Data Base.

I hope that you enjoy all of the recipes in this file. It is from
Betty Crocker's "Microwave Cooking" Cookbook.

It is donated as public domain and all that I ask is that it be posted
with this note attached giving the credit where it is due.

Rich Harper
Sysop of "The Cook" 104/419

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