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Simple Sunday school roll book. Keeps track of attendance.
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Simple Sunday school roll book. Keeps track of attendance.
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Contents of the README.BAT file

type readme

Contents of the README file

type readme
To run ROLLS, type in the names of the students for each class
into a different file using your favorite editor, but save it as
a DOS or PURE ASCII file.

You can run ROLLS in 2 different ways, interactively and from the
command line. To run it intereactively type "ROLLS" from the
command line with no parameters. You will be prompted for all
the things ROLLS needs to create your rolls. To run it from the
command line type "ROLLS /h" from the command line for help
and/or look at the sample make.bat file that contains an example
of how to run it. You can type "MAKE" from the command line to
see an example of how it works. You can modify the MAKE.BAT file
so that it calls ROLLS as many times as needed and so that it
uses the dates, files, and headers that you want. Then just type
"MAKE" any time you want new rolls.

ROLLS will output the rolls to the screen AND to the file
specified. Just PRINT the output file for a roll you can pass
around the class, using the DOS PRINT command.

For other help type "ROLLS /h" from the DOS command line and a
help screen will be printed.

You can enter as many names in the file as there are in the
class. ROLLS will print as many pages as is necessary. So DON'T
enter only 20 names per file.

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