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Construction project schedule manager.
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Construction project schedule manager.
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Contents of the README file

CPS Version 2.0a
June, 1989
Well, it's a great feeling to have this off and out. Over a year
and a half have passed since I started work on this project, and
it continues to grow. I have many more ideas to implement.

To run CPS, just unzip the files (or unpak, whichever) and then
type CPS. If you have a CGA or compatible card (such as EGA), it
should look just fine. If you have a black and white monitor, or
true monochrome, it might not look too good. In that case,

copy mono.def sched.def

at the DOS prompt, and try again. That should fix things. IF IT
DOES NOT, then try

del sched.def

Without sched.def present, CPS uses the ROM BIOS routines, which
are the most standard (and slowest) way of doing video.

Version 1.0 was a good start, and there was some interest shown
in it. However, I received only one registration. The source
code for 2.0 is over twice what 1.0 was, and the capabilities are
even more. I cannot stress too much that if you use CPS, you
should register it. If I do not receive more registrations, the
next version (tentatively 2.1, towards the end of the year) will
not be sold via shareware. I have invested time and money on
this project, and need to have something to show for it.

Those of you who do register 2.0 will receive 2.1 (disk only)
free of charge. This will be true even if 2.1 is not sold via
shareware. And don't forget--for every registration I receive
bearing your registration number, I will pay you a $12
commission. More details are in the documentation.

I would like to thank a few people whose support has been
invaluable. First of all my wife, who has put up with many late
nights with me at the keyboard instead of with her. Without her
support, this project would not have been possible. Secondly,
Nikhil Parekh, who has been very good to take the time to try to
"make it break", so that the product I ship has (I hope) every
bug out of it. And finally, I would like to thank Kurt Riegel,
who has allowed me to use his bulletin board (the finest in
Virginia) as a base of operations.

A brief history of CPS:

September 1988: Version 1.0a released.

December 1988: Version 1.0b released. Fixed a few bugs.

June 1989: Version 2.0a released. New features:
(1) Enhanced editing of job data.
(2) Added milestone entry.
(3) Allowed entry of purchase orders and
(4) New chart format--Pert.
(5) Display job status graphically.
(6) Color selection.
(7) View chart on screen.
(8) New job reports.
(9) Allowed entry of vendors.
(10) Allow user to exit to operating system and
return to same point.

I have some excellent ideas for 2.1, including custom reports
(instead of or in addition to canned formats), more chart
formats, and better tracking of job progress. Any and all ideas
for Version 2.1 are welcome, especially from Registered Users!

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