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Version 3.5 of vehicle maintenance program.
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Version 3.5 of vehicle maintenance program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CARS.EXE 194042 75318 deflated
READ.ME 1784 678 deflated
REG.DOC 2107 612 deflated
VMF35-00.HLP 2795 1084 deflated
VMF35-01.GAS 123 78 deflated
VMF35-01.HLP 2215 811 deflated
VMF35-01.MNT 752 214 deflated
VMF35-02.GAS 0 0 stored
VMF35-02.HLP 2021 816 deflated
VMF35-02.MNT 188 65 deflated
VMF35-03.HLP 2774 1022 deflated
VMF35.IDX 1740 253 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

vs. 3.5

(c) 1993 by Greg C. Hvazda
& Greg's Computer Services

Up & Running

1 - Copy all *.EXE, *.HLP, *.MNT, *.GAS, and *.IDX files into the
same directory (or onto the same diskette).
2 - Switch to that directory (or diskette).
3 - Type CARS at the DOS prompt and hit the Enter key.

After you get the hang of using the program (help is available any-
time simply by hitting the F1 key), you can delete the .MNT files,
the .GAS files, and the .IDX files. These are only sample files
which are included so you can see how the program works immediately.

These files are included in the archive file. If the archive file
is to be distributed, these files MUST be included.

cars.exe - The vehicle maintenance program
vmf35-00.hlp - A help file
vmf35-01.hlp - A help file
vmf35-02.hlp - A help file
vmf35-03.hlp - A help file
reg.doc - The registration form - This text file

This program is being distributed as shareware. This means that
you may use it free for 30 days. If after 30 days you find that
you will be continuing to use it, you are supposed to register it
or discontinue using it.

See the file REG.DOC for more information about registering this program.

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