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Track your gas usage and calculate your MPG. Creates graph of usage.
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Track your gas usage and calculate your MPG. Creates graph of usage.
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Bruce Warr

GASLOG tracks your gas usage, cost, and mileage. It will also graph your
miles-per-gallon over a selected period of time. (A decrease in MPG over a
period of time can indicate a tune-up is needed.)

To add records to an existing file or to create a new one, select
option 1 from the main menu. You then must enter the file name (without
an extension). If the file does not exist, you will be informed that it is a
new file and asked if you want to continue. If you are creating a new file
then continue, but if it is supposed to already exist, then do not. You will
be returned to the main menu. If you cannot remember the file name, entering
"?" will go to a file listing module.

The add-records option requests the date (which must be entered as a two
digit year, two digit month and two digit day), the mileage, the number of
gallons, and the cost. You are also asked whether or not it was a fill-up.
If it was a fill-up, the MPG since the last fill-up is calculated and given
to you.

Option 2 allows you to calculate the average MPG and the total cost,
mileage, and gallons used between two dates. You are given this information
and then asked if you want a graph of the MPGs for that period. The graph
will work only for EGA or better.

Option 3 lets you change to a different file and option 4 exits the

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